How do you conjugate Arrepentirse?

Using the chart below you can learn how to conjugate the Spanish verb arrepentirse in Present tense….Mode: Indicative.

Personal Pronoun Conjugation
Yo me arrepiento
Tu te arrepientes
El/Ella se arrepiente
Nosotros nos arrepentimos

Is Divertirse reflexive?

Divertirse is also a reflexive verb, which is a subcategory of pronominal verbs.

What is the reflexive pronoun for Banarse?

Lesson Summary

Subject Pronoun Reflexive Pronoun Bañarse in Preterite Tense
yo me bañé
te bañaste
él/ella usted se bañó
nosotros nosotras nos bañamos

Is Olvidar irregular?

Olvidar Imperfect Root The imperfect tense is rarely irregular and can be easily conjugated from this form, which is the yo, and él/ella conjugation.

Is it me Despierto or Despierto?

As Sherice was saying, the word despierta in this sentence is an adjective that agrees with “hija” (daughter, feminine noun -> despierta). It is not used as a verb conjugated in the present: “Yo me despierto a las 7.” (I wake up at 7.) Here you need the ending -o for the yo-form of the verb despertar.

Is Despierto reflexive?

with Te despierto. The first example is reflexive, but the second one is not! In the first example, the subject is performing the action on his/herself (e.g., I wake myself up), and the verb is despertarse.

What’s the difference between banar and bañarse?

bañar (to bathe) → Yo baño al perro. I wash the dog. bañarse (to bathe oneself) → Yo me baño. I bathe myself.

Is Cepillarse reflexive?

Cepillarse is a reflexive verb. This means that the action is carried out by and for ourselves. When conjugating a reflexive verb in Spanish, we need to add the reflexive pronouns IN FRONT of every conjugated form. These pronouns are (in subject order): me/te/se/nos/os/se.