How do you build a stadium in SimCity 3000?

How do I build a stadium? Once your city reaches 150,000 population, you will be offered a Stadium. After you accept the offer in the Petitioners window, the Stadium appears under the Rewards and Opportunities menu (the gift icon). The stadium increases the residential population cap by 125,000.

How do I reduce air pollution in SimCity 3000?

You can enact ordinances to reduce pollution. Also, anything that lowers traffic, like bus stops and mixed-zoning, will reduce air pollution. (Mixed zoning means putting all three types of zones somewhat near each other so Sims have less distance to travel.)

Why is SimCity so small?

SimCity’s cities look so small from the the air partially because they’re confined to a perfect square. It’s unnatural, and if the borders adapted to fit the terrain and were just a bit bigger, I think that feeling of confinement would be mitigated.

Can you mod SimCity?

With the game being online all the time I assumed that EA wasn’t going to allow the possibility of someone making an “offline mode” mod within a few days to get around being connected to the internet whilst playing. Now Maxis is allowing mods for SimCity but there’s lots of conditions you’ll have to abide by.

How can we increase population?

Increasing population growth

  1. Higher taxation of married couples who have no, or too few, children.
  2. Politicians imploring the populace to have bigger families.
  3. Tax breaks and subsidies for families with children.
  4. Loosening of immigration restrictions, and/or mass recruitment of foreign workers by the government.

How do you win Simcity on Super Nintendo?

You can never completely get rid of pollution, so do your best to minimize it with these strategies.

  1. ALWAYS use nuclear power plants.
  2. ALWAYS use rails instead of roads.
  3. You can’t get rid of Industrial Zones (since they bring jobs to your city) but you can try to spread them out.

How do I get rid of air pollution in SimCity?

In the toolbar at the bottom, click the Tree icon and plant some forests down wind of the factories. The trees will clean the air.

Can you expand city limits in SimCity?

A new SimCity mod called Project Orion extends the possible boundary of your city to 3km – about four times the default size. You can download the mod from Simtropolis.