How do I sort a specific column in Unix?

5. -k Option: Unix provides the feature of sorting a table on the basis of any column number by using -k option. Use the -k option to sort on a certain column. For example, use “-k 2” to sort on the second column.

How do I sort columns in bash?

Sort Command Options You can use the following options in conjunction with the raw command to modify how the values are sorted. -n – sorts in numerical values. -R – sort in random order but group the identical keys. -r – sort the values in reverse (descending order).

How do you sort data in Unix?

Unix Sort Command with Examples

  1. sort -b: Ignore blanks at the start of the line.
  2. sort -r: Reverse the sorting order.
  3. sort -o: Specify the output file.
  4. sort -n: Use the numerical value to sort.
  5. sort -M: Sort as per the calendar month specified.
  6. sort -u: Suppress lines that repeat an earlier key.

How do I get the third column in Linux?

To get third column in tab delimited file, you can simply call it as cut -f3 . Different delimiter can be passed via -d parameter, e.g.: cut -f3 -d: . You can even get multiple columns, or characters at fixed positions on the line. See man cut for more detailed descriptions.

How do you sort data in descending order in Unix?

Option -r In Unix, sort command with ‘r’ option gives you to sort the contents in reverse order. This option sorts the given input in a reverse way which is by default in descending order.

How do I sort a delimited file in Unix?

To sort by a delimiter pass the -t option to sort along with the delimiter value. For a CSV file this would be , . This can be combined with the -k option to sort on fields within a CSV. The result will be written to standard output.

How do I sort by column?

Sorting levels

  1. Select a cell in the column you want to sort by.
  2. Click the Data tab, then select the Sort command.
  3. The Sort dialog box will appear.
  4. Click Add Level to add another column to sort by.
  5. Select the next column you want to sort by, then click OK.
  6. The worksheet will be sorted according to the selected order.

How do you sort a column in ascending order in Linux?

Command Options for the sort command in Linux

  1. -n: Sort data based on the.
  2. -R: Display the values in a random order.
  3. -r: Sort data in a descending order.
  4. -k: Used when the data is divided into multiple columns.
  5. -u: Sort and display unique values only.
  6. -o: Save the output in a different file.

How do you sort in ascending order in Unix?

In Unix, when you try to sort a file in a numeric way, you can use the option ‘-n’ with the sort command. This command is used to sort the numeric contents present in the file. Be default, it sorts in ascending order.

How do you sort data frames based on two columns?

You can sort pandas DataFrame by one or multiple (one or more) columns using sort_values() method and by ascending or descending order. To specify the order, you have to use ascending boolean property; False for descending and True for ascending.