How do I set up a speaker selector?

Speaker selectors are very straight forward devices. As you can see from the diagram below, you simply connect the speaker output terminals from your receiver (usually Zone 2 or assignable back channels) or amplifier to the speaker selector. You then connect each pair of speakers to the back of the speaker selector.

Can I connect a speaker selector to a Sonos amp?

You can only hook up 4 speakers directly to the Amp. If you use an impedence matching speaker switch/volume control in between your amp and speakers, you can safely connect more speakers. I was only suggesting the channel selector to add more power. The channel select won’t add more power.

What does an audio switch do?

This switch splits the power/signal coming from your receiver/amplifier and distributes it to two or more speaker sets. This device is actually used when you have a big house or apartment and when you want to distribute the sound coming from your player to speakers located in different rooms.

How do you connect computer speakers to a switch?

How to listen to Discord and Nintendo switch through the same PC speakers/headset

  1. A 3.5mm Aux cable.
  2. A USB to 3.5mm adapter.
  3. Step 1: Plug your 3.5mm cable.
  4. Step 2: Plug your USB adapter into your dock.
  5. Step 3: Connect the adapter and the 3.5mm.
  6. Step 4: Configure your new ‘device’ under sound settings.
  7. That’s it!

Can Sonos amp power 6 speakers?

The Sonos Amp can power three pairs (6 speakers of Sonos Architectural speakers) when wired in parallel. It is important to note then when connecting multiple speakers to a single amplifier, all the speakers will operate as a single zone.

Is Sonos Connect Amp wireless?

Sonos Connect: Amp – Wireless Home Audio Amplifier for Streaming Music, Amazon Certified and Works With Alexa.