How do I know if my pitbull has razor edge?

They typically have more of a stoat stance and maybe a bit bulkier than a regular Pitbull. Unlike regular Pitbulls, this line has been exceptionally bred to produce mostly blue or blue brindle coats colors. They are sometimes called Blue Razor Edge Pitbulls for this reason.

How big is a 6 month old pitbull?

At 6-months-old, a female Pit Bull will likely be around 15 to 30 pounds. Comparatively, a male Pit Bull pup at the same age will be approximately 20 to 35 pounds. Please remember that these are estimates, and your puppy will grow at their own unique rate.

How can I tell what kind of pitbull I have?

  1. Weigh your pitbull. Pitbull breeds vary greatly in size.
  2. Examine the head of your pitbull.
  3. Don’t depend on the length of the fur to tell you what kind of pitbull you have.
  4. Ask your veterinarian what kind of pitbull you have.
  5. Check any papers that came with your pitbull.

What is razor edge bloodline?

Razor Edge Pitbulls are a specific bloodline of dogs that mix a Pitbull with an English Bulldog, a Mastiff, and other kinds of breeds. Razors are social, loving, and don’t require much exercise. They can be expensive due to their particular breeding process.

How much do pitbulls grow after 6 months?

As a general rule, American Pitbull Terriers are fully grown by a year old. At 4 months, he will be about half of his adult height. And at 6 months, he will be around 2 thirds of his adult weight.

How do you know if your pitbull puppy is going to be big?

The rule is easy to remember too:

  1. If your puppy’s feet look like they are too big for their body, then they have more growth spurts left in them.
  2. If your puppy’s feet look like they are the right size for their body, they most likely won’t grow any bigger.

How can you tell if a pitbull is full blooded?

Check for a broad, wedge-shaped head and thick neck. The dog’s head will probably look wide and slightly rounded from the front, but look like a wedge from the side due to a long muzzle and low forehead. This head shape, like many characteristics, comes from pitbull-type dogs’ fighting heritage.

How can you tell if your puppy has pitbull in it?

However, the only way to know whether a dog is one of these breeds is to run a DNA test on the dog–and today’s DNA tests aren’t exactly cheap. For this reason, most people identify “pit bulls” based on individual visual assessments.

How long do razor edge bullies live?

When kept in good health and sourced from proper breeders to ensure healthy parents, most Razor Edge Pitbulls will live between 6 and 10 years. They don’t have as many complications as other kinds of dogs, so many of those years will be healthy and happy ones, too.