How do I get worry seed?

Worry Seed is only available via Egg Move, Level Up, and by Default.

What is worry seed?

Worry Seed changes the target’s Ability to Insomnia. If a Pokémon affected by Worry Seed is switched out, it regains its original Ability. Worry Seed can be used successfully even if the target’s Ability is already Insomnia.

Is worry seed a good Pokémon move?

Worry Seed doesn’t see much competitive merit. While it does screw over Pokemon reliant on their abilities (like Azumarill), that Pokemon can simply switch out to negate the effect.

Does worry seed work on truant?

Footnote. I have confirmed that Worry Seed does not work on a Pokémon with Truant.

Who can learn worry seed?

Learnability. The known Pokémon that can learn Worry Seed naturally include Budew, Bulbasaur, Cherrim, Cherubi, Exeggcute, Gogoat, Gourgeist, Hoppip, Ivysaur, Jumpluff, Pumpkaboo, Shaymin, Shroomish, Skiddo, Skiploom, Sunflora, Sunkern and Venusaur. Worry Seed is teachable via move tutor.

How does leech seed work?

Leech Seed plants a seed on the target. After a target under the effect of Leech Seed takes its turn, 1/16 of its HP will be drained (rounded down, but not less than 1), and the same amount of HP will be restored to the target’s opponent (even if it was not the Pokémon that originally used the attack).

Can you toxic and leech seed?

Also, Leech Seed no longer interacts with Toxic damage and Haze no longer affects Leech Seed. If a Pokémon uses Baton Pass, Leech Seed will still be in effect, even if the switched in Pokémon is a Grass type….

Pokémon Exeggcute
Egg Groups Grass
Level Grass

How do you get Venusaur’s sword?

  1. Gigantamax Venusaur only appears in the Isle of Armor which is included in the Expansion Pass DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield.
  2. Although Venusaur is originally not obtainable in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you can get it by transferring it from Pokemon’s new cloud service, Pokemon HOME, to the game.

Is Megadrain a good move?

2 Answers. It’s worth it if you are playing through the game and get that move for a low-level pokemon. For competitive battling, no it’s not worth it. There is Giga Drain like pokemonblack10 said, and several other better grass moves as well.