How do I get through the Temple of Miraak Sanctum?

Immediately at the end of the ramp is a pressure plate that triggers a poison dart trap. Upon entering this area, three more bridges on the far side of the chamber will fall, unmasking two draugr and a boss level Cultist. After they are defeated, the double doors can be used to enter the Temple of Miraak Sanctum.

How do I get into the shrine of Mehrunes Dagon?

In order to gain access to the interior of the shrine, the quest “Pieces of the Past” must be completed by either killing Silus Vesuius or sparing his life. Regardless of whether the Dragonborn kills Silus Vesuius, Mehrunes Dagon will summon leveled Dremora to attack them.

How do you get up the broken stairs in the temple of Miraak?

Miraak was trying to take power here, and protect himself in the process. Exit the room to the north, watch out for the trap in the corridor (jump over any glyphed pressure platform on the floor). Go down some stairs and activate the chain to the right of the gate to open it.

How long does it take for the shrine of Mehrunes Dagon to refresh?

The area should respawn after 10 (30 at most) in-game day as long as you stay away but lots of people do say the Dremora never respawn, if after 30 days their not there its not going to happen i afraid.

How do you get to the Dagon shrine in Skyrim?

Dagon Shrine. To start this quest, you need to go to Lake Arrius Caverns. It is located on your map and is just north of Cheydinhal. Fast travel to the closest location you have previously visited, which is probably the city of Cheydinhal itself, and walk the rest of the way.

Where can I find Dagon’s stash in Skyrim?

On the south side of the peak the statue of Dagon is carved into is a stash of items, including a randomly enchanted helm and war axe, two potions, three gemstones, a burial urn, and a chest. The stash is to the right of a stone cairn and beneath a stylized dragon glyph.

Where is Mehrunes Dagon in Skyrim?

Often depicted with four arms, short horns and red flesh, Mehrunes Dagon is atune with the devil in popular culture. His realm is a Plane of Oblivion that is opened in the events preceding the time of Skyrim, some 200 years in the past. The Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon can be located north of Whiterun east and slightly south of Morthal .

What happened to the Mythic Dawn shrine in Greymoor?

The shrine is not present during the events of Greymoor. Tattered tapestries belonging to the Mythic Dawn indicate they may have been the ones who originally constructed the shrine sometime between 2E 582 and the Oblivion Crisis. The Dremora may not respawn at the shrine, even after waiting 30 in-game days.