How do I get my GED in Montgomery County MD?

GED (General Educational Development) Test

  1. Be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Not be a high school graduate (students under 19 years old must provide official documentation of school withdrawal)
  3. Be a Maryland resident.
  4. Present one of the following acceptable forms of identification to the testing center:

How do I schedule a GED test in Georgia?

Visit or call 1-877 EXAM GED to register, schedule, and pay for the GED test. Credit and debit cards are acceptable forms of payment. You must bring a valid photo ID (driver’s license, state identification card, military ID or Passport) with you on test day.

When can I get my GED in Alabama?

If you are at least 16 years old and have not earned a high school diploma from a public or private high school, you may be eligible to take the GED. You can take the GED if you earned the Alabama Occupational Diploma (AOD).

Does Montgomery College accept GED?

Montgomery College’s GED® Test Preparation Program is for adults in Maryland who need to get their High School Diploma. GED Test Preparation Classes include three levels: Adult Basic Education (ABE) is for those students who need basic skills in reading and math.

How much is GED test in GA?

The total cost of earning a GED in Georgia is $160 for the 4 exams. Each exam costs $40. Additional costs may be involved if individuals opt to take preparation courses or need to retake an exam.

Can I take the GED test online in Alabama?

In Alabama, the GED test can be taken online or at a GED test center. Students who score in the “green” zone on the GED Ready test qualify for taking the four GED subtests online.

Is GED free in Maryland?

GED Testing Service issues new forms of each test on January first every year. Maryland subsidizes the cost for the first attempt of each subject so that the $30.00 per subject fee is reduced to $11.25 per subject.

What is GED in USA?

The GED was originally an acronym for the Tests of General Educational Development, but since 2011 we just use the term GED. The GED test is a series of four subject tests a person can take to demonstrate their high school academic knowledge.