How do I get a loan from PJH?

Here is our guide on how you can apply for a PJH loan online with just a few steps:

  1. Visit their website at select the “Apply now” button.
  2. Fill in all your personal information, don’t forget to check again and submit.
  3. Wait for about 20 minutes for the staff to check and review your application.

What is the interest rate in PJH Lending?

Whether you need cash for education, medical emergency or home upgrades, we’ll connect you to our partner lenders that can give you what you need. We have teamed with lenders that offer low interest rate, which is typically from 1% to 5%.

How can I get OFW loan in the Philippines?


  1. Visit the nearest OWWA Office and undergo orientation/eligibility screening and processing/necessary training.
  2. Secure the required OWWA certification for submission to LANDBANK.

Which bank is best for OFW loan?

BDO Unibank (BDO) OFW Loan.

  • PBCom OFW Loan.
  • LandBank OFW Loan.
  • Metrobank OFW Loan.
  • ChinaBank OFW Loan.
  • RCBC OFW Loan.
  • UnionBank OFW Loan. Personal loans are often used for a variety of reasons.
  • EastWest Bank OFW Loan. EastWest Bank is a leading bank in the Philippines that provides various banking services.
  • Can I borrow money from OWWA?

    Is there an OWWA Personal Loan available? Currently, OWWA does NOT offer any personal loans. It offers only business loans (e.g. OFW -Enterprise Development and HEROES Loan Program), which focus on developing enterprises.

    How much is the maximum loan for OFW?

    The maximum loanable amount is 80% of the appraised value of the property or contract price. The interest rate will be the prevailing rate at the time of the loan approval.

    How can I get 20k in OWWA?

    Filipino migrant workers who have lost their jobs prematurely due to termination, maltreatment, and other employer contract violations are eligible to apply for a PHP 20,000 livelihood aid under OWWA’s “Balik-Pinas, Balik-Hanapbuhay” upon their return home.

    How do I get financial assistance from OWWA?

    Requirements for Financial Assistance Application

    1. Accomplished application forms.
    2. Original copy of medical case history certificate issued by attending.
    3. physician ( local and abroad ).
    4. Passport / Seaman’s Service Record Book.
    5. OFW / Seaman’s Information Sheet, Certificate Of Coverage (COC) and.

    How do I apply for DOLE AKAP cash assistance?

    Go to in your browser and fill out all of the appropriate details before pressing the “NEXT” button; Use the required button to upload the following requirements: A photocopy of your passport or other travel documents.

    How much is OWWA cash assistance?

    DOLE-OWWA AKAP covers pending and new applications for financial assistance of Php 10,000.00 for each of displaced OFWs who temporarily or permanently lost overseas employment upon the declaration of COVID-19 outbreak in the Philippines on February 2020 until its lifting by a legitimate and competent agency.

    Who can avail OWWA loan?

    Applicants who are engaged in the following businesses may apply for the loan program:

    • Franchising business;
    • Rental business;
    • Construction business;
    • Service/Trading business;
    • Transportation service;
    • Agricultural and non-agricultural production;
    • Contract tie-up with the country’s top 1000 corporations; and.

    How do I apply for DOLE-AKAP online?