How do I find a specific element in a list Python?

To find an element in the list, use the Python list index() method, The index() is an inbuilt Python method that searches for an item in the list and returns its index. The index() method finds the given element in the list and returns its position.

How do you print an item from a list in Python?

Printing a list in python can be done is following ways:

  1. Using for loop : Traverse from 0 to len(list) and print all elements of the list one by one using a for loop, this is the standard practice of doing it.
  2. Without using loops: * symbol is use to print the list elements in a single line with space.

How do you find all occurrences of an element in a list?

Use list comprehension to find all occurrences of an element in a list

  1. a_list = [1, 2, 3, 1]
  2. indices = [index for index, element in enumerate(a_list) if element == 1] list comprehension for indices of elements `1`
  3. print(indices)

How do you print each item in an array in Python?

STEP 1: Declare and initialize an array. STEP 2: Loop through the array by incrementing the value of i. STEP 3: Finally, print out each element of the array.

How do you check if a list contains a value in Python?

To check if the list contains an element in Python, use the “in” operator. The “in” operator checks if the list contains a specific item or not. It can also check if the element exists on the list or not using the list.

How do I print a specific string in a list Python?

“print only strings in list python” Code Answer

  1. list1 = [1, ‘string’, 2, ‘string2’]
  2. for ele in list1:
  3. if(type(ele) == str):
  4. print(ele)

How do you print elements of a list in a single line in Python?

When you wish to print the list elements in a single line with the spaces in between, you can make use of the “*” operator for the same. Using this operator, you can print all the elements of the list in a new separate line with spaces in between every element using sep attribute such as sep=”/n” or sep=”,”.

How do you find all the occurrences of an element in a string Python?

Use the string. count() Function to Find All Occurrences of a Substring in a String in Python. The string. count() is an in-built function in Python that returns the quantity or number of occurrences of a substring in a given particular string.

How do you print multiple variables in Python?

To print multiple variables in Python, use the print() function. The print(*objects) is a built-in Python function that takes the *objects as multiple arguments to print each argument separated by a space.