How do I enable font smoothing in Firefox?

Go to ”about:config”, set ”gfx. text. disable-aa” to ”’true”’ and restart the browser. That helped, thank you!

How do I fix compatibility issues in Firefox?

  1. Restart your computer. Sometimes problems can be fixed by simply restarting your computer and then starting Firefox again.
  2. Clear your cookies and cache.
  3. Restart Firefox in Safe Mode.
  4. Restart Firefox in Troubleshoot Mode.
  5. Reinstall Firefox.
  6. Refresh Firefox.
  7. Create a new Firefox profile.

How can I add fonts to Firefox?

Open Firefox and click the three-bar Settings icon. Select “Options.” 2. In the “Content” tab you can make changes to font and languages.

How do I add a Unicode font to Firefox?

To enter a character use the keyboard shortcut to trigger the extension and then type the 4-digit hexadecimal code for the character you want. The character will then be inserted where your text cursor is. The keyboard shortcut is Control+’ to trigger Unicode input.

What is font smoothing Antialiased?

antialiased – Smooth the font on the level of the pixel, as opposed to the subpixel. Switching from subpixel rendering to antialiasing for light text on dark backgrounds makes it look lighter. subpixel-antialiased – On most non-retina displays, this will give the sharpest text.

How do I add compatibility in Firefox?

Just type about:compat in the Firefox address bar to display all web compatibility modifications that are active at the time. Mozilla divides the modifications into user agent overrides and interventions. User Agent overrides change the user agent of Firefox when connections to certain sites are made.

How do I change the UI font in Firefox?

You can click on Fonts and choose the font that you want. First click on the Settings on the top right of the firefox screen, it should look like a gear. Once you click on that, click on General, which should also looked like a gear on the left side of the firefox screen.

How do I type special characters in Firefox?

Ways to enter special characters

  1. Enter the character directly from a foreign keyboard, or by cut and paste from a “character map” type application, or by some special means provided by the operating system or text editing application.
  2. Use an HTML named character entity reference like à .

How do I change text encoding in Firefox?

Tip: You can also customize your Firefox toolbar to add a Repair Text Encoding button:

  1. Click on the menu button. , then click. Customize Toolbar… More tools and select Customize Toolbar….
  2. Drag theRepair Text Encoding button to the toolbar.
  3. Click Done.