How do I download pictures from Jostens?

Download Photos

  1. Click to highlight the Activity category which contains the images.
  2. Click Download over the thumbnail panel.
  3. A pop-up will prompt to Open or Save the file.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Select a location on your computer to save your download.

How do I submit photos to Jostens?

ReplayIt Private Photo Submission

  1. 1) Login to your yearbook website and then open to the ReplayIT section under the Plan tab.
  2. 2) Enter the Start and End dates for the time-frame you wish to collect photos.
  3. 3) Specify the maximum number of images you wish to receive.

How long does Jostens take to post pictures?

Order. With JostensPIX, families receive only the photos they’ve reviewed and selected, at far more affordable prices. Photos are shipped directly home within days.

Is Jostens a good company?

Jostens has a consumer rating of 1.21 stars from 130 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Jostens ranks 61st among Personalized Jewelry sites.

How do I contact Jostens?

(800) 567-8367Jostens / Customer service

How do I delete pictures from my Jostens Yearbook Avenue?

As an Adviser, you can delete these images from the Image Library. Click on the image thumbnail, it will highlight in blue, and click Delete over the thumbnails.

How do you delete pictures from Jostens Yearbook Avenue?

Click on the image thumbnail, it will highlight in blue, and click Delete over the thumbnails. A Staff member may not delete images, however they can add a new category called “Delete” or “Remove” or “Review” so that they can help to keep the Image Library clean.

Is Jostens a monopoly?

Furthermore, the fact that Jostens has a monopoly in our school means we have to pay more for a product of dubious quality. Then there is the environmental impact of Jostens’ graduation gowns.

What kind of company is Jostens?

Jostens is an American manufacturer of memorabilia. The company is primarily known for its production of yearbooks and class rings for various high schools and colleges as well as championship rings for sports.