How do I choose the right shackle?

When selecting the right shackle, refer to manufacturers’ tables for the safe working loads of the shackles. The rated capacity should be imprinted on the shackle and be visible. Shackles are sized according to the diameter of the bow section rather than the pin size.

What is the difference between D shackle and bow shackle?

“D” (chain) shackles are generally used to join two pieces rated for in-line tension, while bow (anchor) shackles are typically employed where more than one attachment has to be made to the body, for side and racking loads may twist or bend the chain shackle.

Are shackle pins interchangeable?

Never interchange load pins between different shackle manufacturers. Screw pin shackles are used when picking and placing of loads. When using screw pin shackles, it is imperative to hand tighten the load pin as minimum and to NEVER loosen or back-off the pin so it is easier to remove after the lift is complete.

Which of the following shackles must never be side loaded?

Rule 3: Do not side load “D” shaped shackles such as chain shackles or long reach shackles. These shackles are designed and rated for in-line applied tension. Therefore, the center line of the load should coincide with the center line of the shackle.

What do you use D ring shackles for?

A galvanized D ring shackle is excellent for towing, recovery and hitch applications, so it”s also known in the industry as a clevis shackle, hitch shackle, or tow shackle. It”s important to remember that D ring shackles are intended for straight line pulling as side pulls can twist or bend a D-shaped shackles.

What is a shackle mount used for?

A shackle hitch is a device that is placed into the factory hitch receiver. The shackle sits on the end of the hitch and is used to winch to, tow from or tug/snatch from. One of the things you need to consider before using a shackle hitch is the load rating for which it is rated for.

How strong is a 3/4 shackle?

NOTE: 3/4″ DIAMETER SHACKLE – With an Industry Standard 7/8″ Screw Pin! 28.5 TON BREAK STRENGTH – This Bowl Shackle is Certified 9,500 Lbs of Towing & Recovery Capacity in the Palm of Your Hand!

What are the 3 types of shackles?

What Are the Different Types of Shackles?

  • Bow – the curved portion of the shackle body opposite the pin—often referred to as the bail, body, dee, or bowl.
  • Ears – portion of the shackle body that support the shackle pin.
  • Pin – a steel bolt made to span the two shackle ears.

Do D shackles need to be tagged?

Shackles do not require tagging and are not required to be on a lifting equipment register. It is good practice to record the date of purchase, make of shackle, and batch number.