How do I add USB dongle to Hyper-V virtual machine?

On the Hyper-V host, click “+” to open the list of USB license dongles you can share. Check the radio button next to the USB dongle and hit “Share”. Within a Hyper-V guest, find a shared USB dongle in the list and click “Connect”.

Does Hyper-V allow USB passthrough?

Hyper-V USB passthrough functionality allows you to access the USB device from within a virtual machine. There is a way to enable USB passthrough on Hyper-V for a memory stick, but you’ll have to use Windows storage subsystem.

What is VMConnect?

Virtual Machine Connection (VMConnect) is a tool you can use to connect to a virtual machine to install or interact with the guest operating system in a virtual machine. Some of the tasks you can perform by using VMConnect include the following: Start and shut down a virtual machine.

How do I turn on enhanced session mode?

Turn on enhanced session mode:

  1. Connect to the computer that hosts the virtual machine.
  2. In Hyper-V Manager, select the host’s computer name.
  3. Select Hyper-V settings.
  4. Under Server, select Enhanced session mode policy.
  5. Select the Allow enhanced session mode check box.
  6. Under User, select Enhanced session mode.

Does Hyper-V support USB devices?

We have a software installed on one of our Hyper-V guest machines running Windows 2022 Datacenter edition. This software requires a hardware lock which is a USB device. The device is inserted into the USB port of the server, and the host machine sees it as an Input Device.

How do I access VMConnect?

Choose a local resource

  1. Open VMConnect.
  2. Select the virtual machine that you want to connect to.
  3. Click Show options.
  4. Select Local resources.
  5. Click More.
  6. Select the drive that you want to use on the virtual machine and click Ok.
  7. Select Save my settings for future connections to this virtual machine.
  8. Click Connect.

Where is VMConnect located?

C:\Windows\System32\vmconnect.exe You must run the VMConnect executable as administrator to be able to list the Virtual Machines.

What is Hyper-V Enhanced mode?

Enhanced Session Mode lets Hyper-V connect to virtual machines using RDP (remote desktop protocol). Not only does this improve your general virtual machine viewing experience, connecting with RDP also allows the virtual machine to share devices with your computer.

How do I connect to a Hyper-V VM remotely?

To do this:

  1. In the left pane, right-click Hyper-V Manager.
  2. Click Connect to Server.
  3. Select Connect as another user in the Select Computer dialogue box.
  4. Select Set User.