How do I access my WD cloud?

Access Your Content

  1. Make sure that: You installed the WD My Cloud mobile app.
  2. Launch the WD My Cloud mobile app.
  3. Make sure the My Passport Wireless drive (default name: MyPassport) is listed as an available device.
  4. Navigate to your content and tap to view or play.

Is WD My Cloud still supported?

After Jan. 15, 2022, remote access, security updates and technical support will no longer be available for My Cloud OS 3. For customers with only My Cloud OS 3-compatible devices, Western Digital plans to end all support for prior generations on April 15, 2022.

What is a WD MyCloud?

The My Cloud is a line of personal network-attached storage devices and multi-purpose servers designed and marketed by Western Digital Corporation. My Cloud devices come in sizes of 2 terabytes, 3 terabytes, 4 terabytes, and 8 terabytes. A second model of My Cloud can have up to 16 terabytes. MyCloud.

Does WD My Cloud cost money?

You own all your data, stored in the safety of your home. Use the My Cloud™ Home app on your phone, tablet or computer to access it anywhere without paying a subscription fee.

How do I move files to WD My Cloud?

Copy what you want to backup and paste it to the connected USB drive. This way is simple and easy to operate, all you need to do is connect WD my cloud home directly to computer vis ethernet, then copy and paste files to the connected external storage.

Can I use My Cloud as external hard drive?

A: The cloud can be accessed by your devices from any location where you have wifi access. The external HD is accessed by the computer it’s attached to or on your local home network if installed to your router. A: Yes it can.

How do I use WD My Cloud Storage?

Use the My Cloud Home mobile app, desktop app or to upload, access and share your favorite memories and stream videos saved on your My Cloud Home device anywhere you have an internet connection. Keep your favorite folders from your PC and Mac computers in continuous sync with the My Cloud Home device.

Can My Cloud be hacked?

Hackers who remotely access your cloud storage drive can wipe or copy its data. They can also upload data, including malware, to your network.

What replaced WD Sync for Windows?

Speaking of WD sync alternative for Windows, you may think about Sync Center. It’s a free sync tool built-in Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 and can sync offline files between local computer and network server. Besides, it makes files or folders on network servers always available offline.