How common is the last name MacKinnon?

The surname MacKinnon is the 18,249th most frequently occurring family name on a worldwide basis, borne by approximately 1 in 241,038 people.

Did Clan MacKinnon fight at Culloden?

Jacobite Uprisings The Clan MacKinnon fought at the Battle of Sheriffmuir in 1715. The MacKinnons supported in force Bonnie Prince Charlie during the 1745 rising and accompanied him throughout his campaigns. Part of the Clan MacKinnon army was at the Battle of Culloden another part instead stationed near Inverness.

When did the MacKinnon clan start?

The Clan MacKinnon Society was founded in Scotland in 1891 and existed there until 1975, by which time membership had lagged and the Society was dissolved. In 1980, a petition was made to then-Chief Neil MacKinnon to reconstitute the Society.

Is McKinnon Scottish?

McKinnon, MacKinnon or Mackinnon is a Scottish surname.

What is the MacKinnon family crest?

MacKinnon Clan Crest: A boars head with a shin bone in mouth. MacKinnon Clan Motto: Audentes Fortuna Juvat (Fortune assists the daring). History of Clan MacKinnon: A branch of Clan Alpin, descended from Kenneth MacAlpin, through Fingon which in Gaelic means “Fair Born.”

Where is MacKinnon Castle?

The castle occupies a headland above the village of Kyleakin facing the village of Kyle of Lochalsh across the strait. It is a simple rectangular keep of three stories.

Is McKinnon the same as MacKinnon?

Last name: McKinnon This ancient gaelic surname originating as MacFhionghuin, is in its modern form of MacKinnon or McKinnon both Scottish and Irish. The name is believed to originate as far back as 728 a.d., and to be a developed form of ‘vindo-gonios’ in the ancient language meaning ‘the fair born’.

Is McKinnon an Irish name?

Scottish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Fhionghuin, a patronymic from a Gaelic personal name meaning ‘fair born’ or ‘fair son’. It is also translated as Love, and has been taken as being from Gaelic Mac Ionmhuinn ‘son of the beloved one’.

Where is MacKinnon castle?

Where did the name Mckinnon come from?

What nationality is the last name MacKinnon?

The surname MacKinnon is an Anglicisation of the Gaelic Mac Fhionghuin, which is a patronymic form of the Gaelic personal name meaning “fair born” or “fair son”.

Where is McKinnon from?