How can I make my pedestal sink look good?

10 Tips for Decorating Around a Pedestal Sink

  1. Master the Mirror. An interesting mirror doubles as a focal point and a useful spot to check your hair or makeup.
  2. Add Floating Shelves.
  3. Use Beautiful Accessories.
  4. Invest in a Stylish Faucet.
  5. Take the Floor.
  6. Utilize Other Flat Surfaces.
  7. Go Custom.
  8. Light it Up.

Are pedestal sinks out of style?

Pedestal sinks have made a huge comeback in recent years. What used to be thought of as only a vintage piece is now finding a home in modern and contemporary design. A pedestal sink is composed of two parts; the leg, which it stands on, and the sink basin that both come together to form this vintage piece.

How do you organize a bathroom with a pedestal sink?

7 Genius Pedestal Sink Storage Ideas for Your Home

  1. Hang a shelf (or a few!) If you have pedestal sink storage issues, add a shelf above the sink to give you easy access to things you use daily.
  2. Spice things up.
  3. Purchase under sink shelving.
  4. Pick up a narrow cabinet.
  5. Add some baskets.
  6. Include a pedestal sink cabinet.

Do pedestal sinks make a bathroom look bigger?

Space Saver When you’re tight on space, call on this smart bathroom remodel idea: Add a pedestal sinkā€”or two! A traditional vanity would have closed in this bath, but a pedestal sink maintains an open feeling. A pair of windows above add natural light to this small bathroom, also making it feel bigger.

How do you hide pipes behind a pedestal sink?

How To Hide Pipes Behind A Bathroom Sink [7 Great Methods]

  1. Install a cabinet.
  2. Hide pipes with a storage bin.
  3. Construct a small shelf.
  4. Add a few potted plants to the decor.
  5. Build a mini wall-cover.
  6. Install a sink skirt.
  7. Install pipe coverings.

What type of mirror goes with a pedestal sink?

Matching mirrors over a pair of pedestal sinks create symmetry. A frameless, curved mirror is simple enough for a master bath but has a touch of femininity. The average person’s line of sight is roughly 5 feet, so making sure the center of the mirror is 5 feet off the floor is a good rule of thumb.

What is the point of a pedestal sink?

A pedestal sink is the purest sink possible. It does not come with either the clutter or the advantages of expansive countertop space or lower storage. A pedestal sink is only about the sink: water and basin. It emphasizes the core function of the bathroom sink and rarely strives for anything more.

Why do people use pedestal sinks?

A Pedestal Sink is Easy to Maintain and Clean Due to their streamlined and simple design, pedestal sinks provide easy maintenance and cleaning. Because they do not have countertops incorporated with the sink basin, they do not lend themselves to the typical clutter that can oftentimes plague this area of a bathroom.

Do pedestal sinks need a backsplash?

A pedestal sink that rests against the bathroom wall requires a backsplash. However, if you have a small pedestal sink with a shallow basin, you will need a backsplash regardless of whether it’s positioned against the wall. This is because it is easier to splash when you have a small sink.

How do you hide a pedestal sink?

Curtains to Conceal Pipes The curtain should wrap around the bowl and reach the floor to cover the area under the sink completely. A cloth sink skirt kit can be easily attached to the basin of the pedestal sink. The kit comes with all you need to attach the skirt to the porcelain or ceramic bowl.

Should pedestal sink be caulked to wall?

It’s necessary to caulk around the base of the pedestal and the area where the rear of the sink bowl meets the wall. This prevents moisture from getting trapped behind your sink and facilitating mold and mildew growth.