How big are the waves at Bondi Beach today?

Current Surf Report for Sydney (Bondi) Current Conditions

High 2:02AM 4.43ft
Low 8:56AM 1.15ft
High 3:27PM 4.1ft
Low 9:14PM 2.13ft

How big are the waves today at Coogee?

Current Surf Report for Coogee Beach Current Conditions

Low 6:41AM 0.72ft
High 12:49PM 3.77ft
Low 6:07PM 1.87ft

How big is the surf at Bondi?

Bondi Beach could produce its biggest surf in more than a decade as “rogue waves” between five and six metres pound the NSW coast over the next four days. Sydney’s famous beaches, including Bondi and Manly, are forecast to hit 5.5 metres on Friday and Saturday afternoon as gale force winds slam Australia’s east coast.

What time is the best time to surf?

The generalized idea is that early morning is the best time to surf. This time would usually fall around sunrise. However, another excellent time to go surfing is in the early evenings around sunset. This is primarily due to there being a swell present in the water.

What is the water temp at Bondi Beach?

Today’s Bondi Beach sea temperature is 72 °F.

What happened to coastalwatch?

Surfline is announcing this morning that it has bought Australia-based Coastalwatch from Three Crowns Media Group. The assets purchased include the Coastalwatch brand,, the Coastalwatch iOS and Android apps and other associated assets.

Where are the biggest waves in Australia?

Cowaramup Bombora (also known as Cowie Bombie or simply Cow Bombie) is a big wave open-ocean surf break found on the south-west coast of Western Australia.

Is Coogee good for surfing?

Coogee is quite a pleasant beach, but its not the place to go if you want to try bodyboarding/surfing. There are no waves!

What is the water temperature at Coogee Beach?

Today’s Coogee sea temperature is 72 °F.

What is the water temp at Bondi?

Why do surfers go out early?

Light offshore winds are the most important reason for why the surf is better in the morning and evenings. As a basic rule of thumb, the winds are typically lighter in the morning, stronger in the afternoon and occasionally become light again just in time for a beautiful sunset session.