Does Stackelberg produce more than Cournot?

The aggregate Stackelberg output is greater than the aggregate Cournot output, but less than the aggregate Bertrand output.

Is Stackelberg the same as Cournot?

In a Cournot duopoly, firms make their moves at the same time while in Stackelberg duopoly, one firm becomes the leader and so make the first move, followed by the other firm.

What type of market is the Stackelberg model?

An oligopoly is a market structure characterized by significant interdependence. Common models that explain oligopoly output and pricing decisions include cartel model, Cournot model, Stackelberg model, Bertrand model and contestable market theory.

Why is Stackelberg more efficient than Cournot?

Stackelberg markets yield, regardless of the matching scheme, higher outputs than Cournot markets and, thus, higher efficiency. For Cournot markets, we replicate a pattern known from previous experiments. There is stable equilibrium play under random matching and partial collusion under fixed pairs.

What are the differences in the Bertrand Cournot and Stackelberg models?

The Bertrand model considers firms that make and identical product but compete on price and make their pricing decisions simultaneously. The Stackelberg model considers quantity setting firms with an identical product that make output decisions simultaneously.

What are the 3 oligopoly models?

We have now covered three models of oligopoly: Cournot, Bertrand, and Stackelberg. These three models are alternative representations of oligopolistic behavior. The Bertand model is relatively easy to identify in the real world, since it results in a price war and competitive prices.

Do you think that Stackelberg model is superior to Cournot model?

Concerning the Stackelberg markets, we find that the level of output increases. Stackelberg markets yield higher outputs, higher consumer rents and higher welfare levels than Cournot markets, regardless of whether subjects are randomly matched or play in fixed pairs.

In what sense is Stackelberg equilibrium different from Cournot equilibrium?

The difference between Cournot and Stackelberg equilibrium is that Cournot equilibrium ischosen in a way that each firm maximizes their profit. In Stackelberg equilibrium, only onefirm maximizes their profits.

What is first mover advantage in Stackelberg model?

The first mover advantage is similar to the Stackelberg model of oligopoly, where the leader firm had an advantage over the follower firm. In many oligopoly situations, it pays to go first by entering a market before other firms.