Does Peets hibiscus tea have caffeine?

The Berry Hibiscus Tea is caffeine free and made with Mighty Leaf Wildberry Hibiscus tea, lemonade, strawberry puree and strawberry slices. The Citrus Hibiscus Tea is caffeine free and includes Mighty Leaf Wildberry Hibiscus tea, lemonade, yuzu puree and a slice of lemon.

Is Peets owned by Starbucks?

Nonetheless SF1 and SF2 still didn’t want to expand the concept. Starbucks bought out Alfred Peet and, for a time, Starbucks owns both Peet’s and Starbucks. All Peet’s locations were, for a time, folded into Starbucks.

Is Peet’s Chai sweet?

Peet’s chai latte was just as pricey per ounce as Starbucks’. Peet’s chai latte is described as “teas and spices, lightly sweetened, with steamed milk.”

Does Peet’s have green tea?

Lively, toasty, floral, and even grassy, our green teas are carefully sourced from Japan and China for perfectly balanced cups.

What is the hibiscus tea good for?

It can help boost your immune system and may help to prevent cell damage caused by free radicals in the body. This can reduce your risk of developing many significant health complications such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Hibiscus tea contains other antioxidants, such as anthocyanins.

What happened to Peet’s tea?

Peet’s Coffee & Tea Inc., the Bay Area-based cafe chain, is going private for $977.6 million – but it’s not being sold to Starbucks, its giant Seattle rival. Instead, German conglomerate Joh. A. Benckiser will shell out $73.50 a share to buy the Emeryville company, paying a 29% premium on Friday’s $57.16 closing price.

Which is better Peet’s vs Starbucks?

Peet’s coffee is generally stronger than Starbucks, and their lattes/espresso drinks are MUCH better on average than Starbucks (and they make much better foam). Peet’s also has excellent mochas and a more relaxing atmosphere.

What chai tea does Peet’s use?

Our Masala Chai blend combines pungent Assam and South India broken leaf teas blended with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, and freshly ground Tellicherry peppercorns. It’s a perfect balance of sweet and hot spices, blended in the traditional style of Kolkata, India.

How much sugar is in a Peet chai tea latte?

Nutrition Facts

Calories 270 (1130 kJ)
Dietary Fiber 0 g 0%
Sugars 39 g
Protein 13 g
Calcium 440 mg

Is Peet’s Matcha sweetened?

Peet’s matcha powder is not sweetened. You can ask for pumps of syrup. The quality is consistent, and the matcha has a complex flavor.

Who should not drink hibiscus tea?

It’s probably best to stay away from mixing Tylenol and hibiscus in the meantime. And as I said before, don’t drink hibiscus tea if you’re on medication for blood pressure or blood sugar. The combination of both can lower either one too much.