Does Oracle GoldenGate include Active Data Guard?

Oracle Active Data Guard is licensed separately as a database option license for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. All Oracle Active Data Guard capabilities are also included in an Oracle Golden Gate license for Oracle Enterprise Edition.

What is Active Data Guard in Oracle 19c?

Oracle (Active) Data Guard capabilities in Oracle Database 19c further enhance its strategic objective of preventing data loss, providing high availability, eliminating risk, and increasing return on investment by enabling highly functional active disaster recovery systems that are simple to deploy and manage.

What is Oracle Active Data Guard?

Active Data Guard is a comprehensive solution to eliminate single points of failure for mission critical Oracle Databases. It prevents data loss and downtime simply and economically by maintaining a synchronized physical replica (standby) of a production database (primary).

How does GoldenGate replication work?

Replicat process on the target system reads the trail file and then reconstructs the DML and DDL operations and applies them to the database. Oracle GoldenGate stores the captured changes temporarily on the disk in a series of files called Trails. On Local system it is called as extract trail or local trail.

What is Active Data Guard used for?

What is Oracle RAC and Data Guard?

rac is a cluster of machines (nodes) whereby the oracle instance is being switched around if the node which houses the instance has some problems? dataguard is a configuration of 2 machines. one is the production and the other is the standby, exact replica of the production.

What is Golden Gate replication in Oracle?

Oracle GoldenGate enables you to replicate data between Oracle databases to other supported heterogeneous database, and between heterogeneous databases. In addition, you can replicate to Java Messaging Queues, Flat Files, and to Big Data targets in combination with Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data.