Does Morrison sell Calor Gas?

Your Morrisons Daily now has Calor Gas bottles on sale.

How much does it cost to fill a 9kg gas cylinder?

Need help? Want to order Gas? You can pay for 9 Kg Gas Bottle Refill (Collection) online for only R317.

What’s the difference between green and blue gas bottles?

There are two different types of LPG; butane and propane. You can instantly tell these two types of gas apart as butane gas is stored in blue cylinders while propane gas is stored in red cylinders. Although propane gas is sometimes sold in small green bottles under the name ‘patio gas’.

Can I exchange a Calor butane for propane?

You can do this via our online shop, or at your local retailer. When ordering a refill, your bottle will be swapped for a full bottle, either the same type you had before, or a bottle in the same category, depending on what you asked for.

How much is a 13KG gas refill?


Item Gas Refill Only Price (Kshs) Cylinder & Gas Price (Kshs)
3KG GAS 900 2,320
6KG GAS 1,550 4,250
13KG GAS 3,350 8,150
22.5KG GAS 5,600 13,100

Do Morrisons sell propane gas bottles?

Morrisons petrol filling stations are located at many of our stores offering all the fuels you’d expect – including LPG Autogas at some sites, as well as the added benefit of carwash, jet-wash and vacuum facilities.

How much does it cost to refill 13KG gas cylinder?

Can I use blue gas bottle for BBQ?

What sort of gas do I need? Gas barbeques run on LPG (liquefied petroleum gas). There are two types of this gas, butane and propane. Butane is stored in blue cylinders and is ideal for camping, single burner cooking appliances and indoor portable heaters.

Which is better butane or propane?

While propane produces more heat than butane and is more efficient in combustion, butane has a characteristic that is also beneficial to the environment – it liquefies easily, making containment easy. With both gases there are no long-term negative effects on the environment.

How long does a 13kg Calor gas bottle last?

43hr 45.50hr

Cylinder Size Minimum Hours – Cabinet Heater 4.2kw/h Minimum Hours – BBQ 4kw/h
6kg 20hr 21hr
7kg 23hr 24.50hr
13kg 43hr 45.50hr
15kg 50hr 52.50hr

How long does 15kg Calor gas last?

15kg butane cylinders are mainly used for portable domestic cabinet heaters. A typical 3 bar cabinet heater has 3 heat settings: Low (1 bar) – 1.4kW – A 15kg butane cylinder will last approximately 147 hours (205.5kWh/1.4kW.)