Does Live have two meanings?

The word live is derived from the Old English word, lifian, which means to be alive. Live (lighv) is an adjective that means to be alive or to be happening right now. For instance, a television program may be taped and broadcast later or it may be broadcast as it is happening, live.

What does that live mean?

to be alive
1 : to be alive : have the life of an animal or plant one of the greatest writers who ever lived. 2 : to continue alive lived to a ripe and vigorous old age. 3 : to maintain oneself : subsist lived on rice and peas.

Why does live have two pronunciations?

Live can be a verb, or an adjective. When it is used as verb, it is pronounced /lɪv/; when it is used as adjective, it is pronounced /laɪv/. In the first case, the i in live is pronounced as the i in miss; in the second case, the i is pronounced as the i in hive.

What is live and life?

Life means the state that follows birth, and precedes death; the state of being alive and living when used as a noun. Live means to be alive; to have life when used as a verb. Live is also used as an adjective. It means having life; that is alive.

Where do you live means?

‘Where do you live means’ is often refered to the physical position and location of your body and your house respectively.

What does it truly mean to live?

“Being in the moment, awake and alive and able to enjoy things now. Not worrying about the past or postponing happiness to a distant future.” – Dr. Joos Meyer, a medical doctor at Fremantle Hospital in Western Australia. “We need to be introspective to live an examined life.

How do you use live or life?

What does it mean to just live?

What does it mean to “Just Live”? To Just Live is to fail, to experience every facet of life knowing that at least every bad situation makes for a good story. To Just Live is to choose to take the leap, and relying on faith that there will be something on the bottom to catch you although you can’t see it.

What is correct pronunciation of live?

The words are pronounced: LIVE /lɪv/ rhymes with give. LIVE /laɪv/ rhymes with dive, five, hive. LEAVE /liv/ rhymes with heave, weave.

How do you use life and live?