Does freshens use real fruit?

100% Clean Ingredients. contain only non-GMO fruits & vegetables.

How many freshens locations are there?

Over 350 locations worldwide.

What protein does freshens use?

2 oz Ingredients. Quorn Meatless Pieces: Mycoprotein (93%), Yeast Extract, Egg White.

Do Freshens Smoothies have added sugar?

The sugar-free smoothies use the “all-natural” sweetener Truvia in place of sugar. Truvia is a zero calorie sweetener that comes from the stevia plant. The Freshens ingredients state, “No sugar added smoothies Strawberry Oasis, Peach Breeze and Mango Beach contain 38 grams of sugar alcohol.”

Are freshens kosher?

The cRc would like to inform the public that our kosher letters that are being displayed in the Freshens Yogurt Parlors only indicate that the yogurt/ice cream is kosher. The Chicago Rabbinical Council does not certify the actual store, all condiments and utensils are not supervised.

Is Freshens frozen yogurt kosher?

Our classic fresh blended Smoothies are offered in dairy and non-dairy options. Our Smoothie mixes are kosher certified, and fortified with 100% of vitamins A, C, D , E and 25% Calcium.

What yogurt does Jamba Juice use?

The classic jamba smoothies also have a yogurt base. Instead of using a high calorie frozen yogurt, I used nonfat vanilla greek yogurt. You can use any kind you like, or substitute regular/low-fat or plain, or even regular non-greek plain or vanilla yogurt.

What does Jamba mean?

‘Jamba’ comes from the Swahili word for ‘celebrate’ So, in 1995, he rebranded the company Jamba Juice. The significance of the new name is fascinating: “Jamba” is a nod to the Swahili word “jama,” which means “to celebrate,” Rewind & Capture reports.

What happened to Jamba?

Jamba Juice is going private. The 800-unit brand known for its smoothies will be acquired by Focus Brands. Focus Brands will pay $13 per share, a 36 percent premium to the 200-day trading average of $9.50 that adds up to a $200 million sale price.