Do you have to test your deer for CWD in Wisconsin?

– The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource (DNR) and other state officials are encouraging hunters who harvest adult deer in counties affected by chronic wasting disease (CWD) to have the animal tested.

Where can I test for CWD?

Official CWD tests are performed only at APHIS-approved university, State, or Federal veterinary diagnostic laboratories.

How long does CWD testing take in Wisconsin?

10-14 days
During an average year, results are available 10-14 days after the deer is brought to a sampling station. Can I have my deer’s head sampled for CWD testing in a different county from the one where I harvested my deer?

How many deer have tested positive for CWD in Wisconsin?

More than 246,000 samples have been collected from wild deer since 2002. Of them, more than 6,500 wild deer have tested positive for CWD.

Should I test my deer for CWD?

Recommendations vary by state, but information about testing is available from many state wildlife agencies. Strongly consider having the deer or elk tested for CWD before you eat the meat.

What do you do with deer while waiting for CWD results?

If you choose to accept venison that has a pending chronic wasting disease test, isolate the carcass or meat products until a negative test result is obtained. Isolate by covering the carcass with plastic bags and creating space between other carcasses.

Can you test live deer for CWD?

A new test could allow biologists to detect chronic wasting disease in live cervids. A new technique could allow biologists to test live animals for the deadly chronic wasting disease. The method allows scientists to test tissue from the animal’s ear rather than having to collect lymph nodes or rectal samples.

How do I know if my deer has chronic wasting disease?

The most obvious sign of CWD is progressive weight loss. Numerous behavioral changes also have been reported, including decreased social interaction, loss of awareness, and loss of fear of humans. Diseased animals also may exhibit increased drinking, urination, and excessive salivation.

Should I get my deer tested for CWD?

In areas where CWD is known to be present, the CDC recommends that hunters strongly consider having those animals tested before eating the meat.

What is needed for CWD testing?

The test used to determine the presence of CWD requires a portion of the deer’s brainstem or lymph nodes. Harvested animals should remain cool until testing to reduce decomposition and provide accurate results.

Can humans get CWD from eating deer?

There is no evidence CWD can be transmitted to humans. Epidemiologists with the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have found no evidence that prion-related disease in humans occurs more often in hunters and consumers of wild game than in the general population.

How long does it take to test a deer for CWD?

seven to 10 days
Test results are delivered within seven to 10 days. “This is an important day for hunters and for the hunting industry,” said Dr.