Do you get a letter after a Pap smear?

Regular screening is important. Research has shown that screening regularly can reduce your risk of cervix cancer by 70%. After you have had your first Pap test, BC Cancer Cervix Screening will begin to send you reminder letters when it’s time for your next Pap test.

What is a normal Pap smear result?

Normal. A normal (or “negative”) result means that no cell changes were found on your cervix. This is good news. But you still need to get Pap tests in the future.

How do you label a Pap smear?

Label the glass slide with the patient’s last name, first name and medical record number (or date of birth) using a graphite pencil (do not use ink, wax or crayon). Gently remove excessive secretion or blood at the cervical os with cotton swab and discard.

When do you get your smear letter?

All women and people with a cervix between the ages of 25 and 64 should go for regular cervical screening. You’ll get a letter in the post inviting you to make an appointment.

How long do Pap test results take?

Pap smear results. The test results usually take 1–3 weeks to come back. Most test results are negative, but they can sometimes be positive.

What does HPV 16 and 18 negative mean?

Women who are found to be positive for HPV-16 and/or -18 may be referred to colposcopy, while women who are negative for genotypes 16 and 18 may have repeat cytology and HR-HPV testing in 12 months.(1)

Is Dyskaryosis an STD?

Dyskaryosis can be caused through infection with human papilloma virus (HPV), which exists in a number of different strains; type 16 and type 18 cause dyskaryosis more frequently and readily than do other types. These viruses are nearly always sexually transmitted.

What are the indications of Pap smear?

The Pap test is indicated to screen for malignant and premalignant lesions of the cervix. The recommended age at initiation of cervical cancer screening has undergone significant revision over time as the natural history of HPV infection and subsequent cervical dysplasia has been elucidated.

What is a positive HPV on Pap smear?

If you get a positive HPV test, your physician has detected one or more high risk strains of the virus on the Pap test of your cervix. If the virus stays with you for a long time, it can cause cell changes that can lead to several types of cancer.