Do purple martins prefer gourds or houses?

We recommend it with SuperGourds, but any kind of gourds can be used. Location is crucial for purple martins. Their houses need to be in an open area so they can sail straight into the houses from at least two directions. Put their house in the middle of your biggest open area.

What are the best gourds for purple martins?

Because the martins have many enemies — raccoons, snakes, hawks, squirrels, cats and other birds — the gourd houses are strung high in the open air so predators cannot use trees to get inside. African wine kettle gourds make the perfect habitat.

What makes a purple martin house?

What Should it Be Made Out of?: Aluminum, thick plastic, wood, and natural gourds are all suitable materials for martin housing, provided that the exterior of the house is white in color. White reflects heat, keeping housing cooler in hot temperatures. Wooden housing should be made from untreated material only.

What is the best house for purple martins?

Whether you choose gourd houses or an apartment-style birdhouse, offer six to 12 cavities. Purple martins are one of the only birds that will tolerate swaying birdhouses. Place the purple martin house in an open area that is 40 to 60 feet away from trees and at least 12 to 18 feet above the ground.

Will purple martins nest in gourds?

It’s common knowledge that martins love a large gourd to nest in. It might be the homey feel or the natural look, but whatever it is, they flock to them. Since gourds are their preferred housing, here are a few tips to make them into martin houses.

How do you attract purple martins to a new house?

How to Attract Purple Martins to Your Garden

  1. Construct housing in an open area. As wild birds, purple martins are more likely to nest in an area that isn’t too close to human housing.
  2. Install housing on a telescoping pole.
  3. Keep predators at bay.
  4. Deter other bird species.
  5. Use a little trickery.

How high should purple martin gourds be?

The ideal height is 10 to 14 feet but it can be much higher if desired. And make certain before purchasing a martin house it can be located in an area at least 40 feet from tall objects such as trees or buildings.

How do you attract martins to a Martin house?

Are purple martins good to have around?

Purple martins are beneficial birds to have near a home or on a property because they eat insects. These birds feed during daylight, and their diet consists mainly of beetles, moths, dragonflies, butterflies, horseflies, leafhoppers and wasps.

How high should a purple martin house be off the ground?

When should you put up a purple martin house?

Purple martins will readily find nesting sites that are in proper locations. Nest boxes should be in place preferably in late March, but no later than April 15. Erect nest boxes on a pole at a height of 12 to 20 feet. Place boxes in open areas so that birds have access to them from all sides.

How do you hang gourds on a purple martin?

When dry, you can hang your gourd (you’ll need at least 4 to 6 gourds to attract martins) from a 24-inch plastic-coated copper wire. Thread the wire through two of the holes directly across from each other and hang it from a support line, below a martin house or on a specially made gourd rack.