Did Usain Bolt play any other sports?

After retiring from track and field, Bolt first turned his attention to his other sporting love: soccer. He famously tried out for a professional team in Australia, the Central Coast Mariners, and spent about eight weeks with the team — even appearing in a few exhibitions.

What sports do Usain Bolt play?

Bolt had a legendary sprinting career. He won eight Olympic gold medals, and he still holds the world records for the 100- and 200-meter dashes. He then later used his speed to try out a career in soccer, as Bolt ultimately trained with the Central Coast Mariners in Australia in 2018.

What competitions has Usain Bolt been in?

Usain Bolt’s records

Discipline Time Event
150m 15.28s 2017 Nitro Athletics
200m 19.19s 2009 IAAF World Championships
300m 30.97s 2010 Ostrava Golden Spike
400m 45.28s 2007 Kingston, Jamaica

Did Usain Bolt play in NFL?

Bolt did not specify which NFL teams made contact with him about playing in the league. He did say one element of the sport he doesn’t like is the hard hits players take. “I used to watch [football] when I was younger, and the hits that the guys used to take. …

Why did Usain Bolt not play football?

The sprinter, who gave up his dream and retired from “all sport” in 2019, admitted that his decision to switch sports was taken based on his belief he was better than some professionals he saw when watching the matches of his favourite team, Manchester United of England.

What sports did Usain Bolt play as a kid?

As a child, Usain enjoyed playing sports such as cricket and football. He had a love for cricket and spent much time playing the game. He calls cricket his first love. During his time at Waldensia Primary School, he began sprinting and by the time he was twelve was the school’s fastest 100-meter runner.

Why doesn t usain Bolt play football?

How is Usain Bolt in football?

Usain would love the attention of the NFL, with 80,000 fans watching every time you play. It seems like it is a perfect fit for Bolt to play professional football. There are plenty of teams who would love a guy like Usain Bolt. If you convert his time from his 100m world record time, Bolt would have a 40 time of 3.56.

Does Usain Bolt play cricket?

And, while he might have retired from the track, the sprinter has on several occasions expressed the desire to show his “cricketing skills”. Bolt has also revealed that he took up track and field as a career option, bowing to his father’s wish and that cricket was always his “first love”.