Did Mayweather date Shantel Jackson?

‘Money’ Floyd Mayweather met his ex-fiance Shantel Jackson in 2006. The then-21-year-old Jackson was working as a hostess in Atlanta. The two spent years together and got engaged in 2010. However, in 2014, the relationship between Floyd Mayweather and Shantel Jackson ended on a nasty note.

Are Nelly and Shantel still together?

They gushed over one another in the media, were extremely photogenic together, and seemed to have genuine fun. So their split in June of 2022, with no visible signs of unhappiness or cracks in their facade, definitely left all of social media talking.

Is Shantel Jackson mixed?

Shantel was born Shantel Christine Jackson, on July 28, 1984, in Miami, Florida, US. Most of her adolescent years were spent in Miami. Shantel is the middle child of her parents and has four siblings. She is of mixed ethnicity and has African–American, American–Indian, and Caucasian origins.

Is 50 Cent friends with Mayweather?

Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent. Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent used to be good friends, but that all changed in 2012. The pair even holidayed together with their families but a disagreement over business led to a total breakdwon in their relationship which is now reduced to trading jibes online and through the media.

Why did Floyd and Shantel break up?

Floyd and Shantel were engaged to be married until they suddenly broke up. According to Floyd, it was because she aborted his twins without his knowledge and lied about the failed pregnancy by claiming she had a miscarriage.

How many Stripclubs does Floyd own?

‘Vegas is everything’, he said of the place he’d lived for almost a decade. “‘When I say everything, twenty-four-hour gambling, twenty-four-hour clubs, twenty-four-hour strip clubs’.

Are Nelly and Shantel still together 2021?

Fans were shocked when news broke that Nelly and his longtime girlfriend Shantel Jackson called it quits on their 7-year relationship.

How many wives has Nelly had?

Nelly Bio/Wiki

Birth Name Cornell Iral Haynes Jr.
Affairs/Girlfriends Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas Shantel Jackson (2014-present) Nelly with his girlfriend Shantel
Marital Status, Wife and Children
Wife/Spouse None
Marriage Date None

Is Shantel Jackson black or white?

Shantel Jackson Wiki/Bio (Real Name)

Full Real Name Shantel Jackson
Profession Actor, Model, Businesswoman
Zodiac Sign Leo
Nationality American
Ethnicity Afro-American

How old is Chantel Jackson?

37 years (July 28, 1984)Shantel Jackson / Age

Why does Floyd Mayweather have beef with 50 Cent?

Their beef began shortly after Mayweather was released from prison. 50 claimed that Mayweather owed him money after the rapper began working with The Money Team. Soon afterward, 50 and Mayweather took their feud to social media where they spent years hurling shots at each other.

What did Floyd say about 50 Cent?

Speaking to the Champside podcast in 2021, Mayweather reflected on the feud. He explained: “You can’t hang out with me every day for years then all of a sudden if I don’t give you half of my company you’re like, ‘You’re dumb, you’re stupid, you can’t do this and you can’t do that.