Did Maryann cause ww1?

According to Wanda, Maryann had abused their magical powers. On June 28, 1914, she wished that Franz Ferdinand (the Archduke of the Austro-Hungarian Empire) and his wife, Sophie, would be assassinated, thus plunging the world into the first World War.

Did Fairly OddParents get Cancelled?

Many of his videos focus on behind-the-scenes stories from shows like Danny Phantom and The Fairly OddParents. In a new video, “Fairly OddParents CANCELLED?!,” he explores the five different times Nickelodeon canceled Fairly OddParents, one of the network’s most treasured series, at its peak.

Who Voices dark laser in Fairly Odd Parents?

Kevin Michael RichardsonDark Laser / Voiced byKevin Michael Richardson is an American actor. Known for his distinctively deep voice, he has mostly voiced villainous characters in animation and video games. Wikipedia

What was Timmy’s first wish?

In the television movie, “Timmy’s Secret Wish”, Timmy Turner, along with the rest of Dimmsdale, is aged fifty years quickly by Father Time at the orders of the Fairy Council. This was because they had learned Timmy had wished secretly to stay ten years old fifty years ago.

How old is Francis Fairly Oddparents?

twelve years old
In “Hex Games”, he is stated to be twelve years old by Vicky.

Who does the voice of Jerome on Family Guy?

Kevin Michael Richardson voices the show’s other two prominent Black characters, Cleveland Jr. and Jerome.

How old is Timmy Turner Season 1?

Who is Timmy Turner?

Timmy Turner
Age: 10 (main series) 23 (live-action movies)
Birthday: March 21, 1992
Red (Pilot)
Eye color: Astral

Is Timmy Turner a girl or boy?

As a result, Timmy became a female under the name Tina. In the Elmerella comic strip in the June/July 2004 issue of Nickelodeon Magazine, Timmy wishes to become Elmer’s fairy, but before he can complete his sentence, Cosmo turns Timmy into a fairy god mother.