Did Kenny Loggins play himself in Archer?

Kenny Loggins is a singer and songwriter. He guest stars as himself in Baby Shower. He is very paranoid due to some transaction in Caracas with someone named Borgnar. He has a briefcase with something in it that is suspected to be either “plutonium or a human soul”.

What is tattooed on Pam Poovey’s back?

Pam Poovey (Amber Nash) has a full back tattoo which reads: “For the Angel of Death spread His wings on the Blast, and breathed in the face of the foes He passed; and the eyes of the Sleepers waxed deadly and chill, and their hearts but once heaved, and forever grew still!” This is the third stanza to the poem “The …

Does Archer love Pam?

What’s your take on their relationship? Archer and Pam have always had a special relationship. In fact, we often refer to Pam as the heart of the show as she is the kindest character. Sure, she can be brazen and raunchy, but at the end of the day she is very caring and will always have her friends’ backs.

Who plays Peregrine in Archer?

Jamie Lee Curtis
Stephen Tobolowsky as Robert. Jamie Lee Curtis as Peregrine.

What was in Kenny Loggins briefcase in Archer?

When Archer comments that Kenny Loggins’ briefcase holds “either plutonium or a human soul” this is possibly a reference to the rumor that the suitcase from Pulp Fiction (1994)contains Marsellus Wallace’s soul due to various other indicators, such as the suitcase glowing when opened.

Is Bryan Cranston in Archer?

Bryan Cranston is an actor known for his roles as Walter White in Breaking Bad and as Hal in Malcolm in the Middle. Cranston had a guest role in the two-part season finale Season 3 of Archer as Tony Drake.

Is Krieger the original Krieger?

Krieger’s Clone Brothers were duplicates of, and identical to, Dr. Algernop Krieger. They served as scientists working for San Marcos dictator Gustavo Calderón, until they tried to fly a warhead full of nerve gas to New York City and were stopped and (presumably) killed by Krieger himself.

What did the yakuza call Pam?

Shiro Kabocha
The Yakuza nickname for Pam is “Shiro Kabocha”(白カボチャ), which she initially believes to mean “white shadow”.

How old is AJ in Archer?

five year old
A.J. is a five year old girl with green eyes, shoulder lenght thick curly brown hair and a medium-brown complexion.

How old is Malory Archer?

36 years old
Sterling Malory Archer (H. Jon Benjamin), codename: Duchess, is 184 lb, 6’2″, 36 years old (computer-screen readout in the show’s first episode) and has black hair and blue eyes.

Is Sterling Archer autistic?

Oftentimes, when stating such facts, another character will ask him, in surprise, “How do you know that?”, to which Archer incredulously will reply, “How do you NOT?”. In Season 4, Archer admits that his uncanny ability to do this may, indeed, be evidence of autism.

How old is Woodhouse Archer?

The Archer family lost one of their own earlier this week. George Coe, aka the voice of Archer’s committed butler Woodhouse, passed away at the age of 86 after a long battle with an unspecified illness.