Did Iva lie about Betsy?

“Iva was upset at Betsy for telling Andrew about the threesome. She was worried about her boyfriend Sam finding out.” However, Iva says that it was Betsy who was in the wrong and “She lied to the cops about me,” so she vows to take revenge.

Is Iva from Breaking Amish Jeremiah?

Breaking Amish: LA Exclusive Sneak Peek: Get to Know Jeremiah’s Ex-Girlfriend Iva. She’s back! After Jeremiah left Iva and the Amish community to pursue life in New York City, the jilted ex is stepping out on her own.

Where is Matt from Breaking Amish?

Matt, who is an ex-Mennonite follower, left behind his community and moved to Los Angeles with dreams of becoming a fashion designer. It looks like things are looking up for this openly gay designer, as he set up a fashion brand called Anson Bristol.

Where is Breaking Amish filmed?

Sarasota is ridiculously beautiful.” But fans of Breaking Amish’s first season know that pleasant surroundings didn’t turn the show into TLC’s highest-rated freshman series, drawing an average 3.2 million viewers per episode.

What happened between Iva and Betsy Breaking Amish?

On the latest episode of “Breaking Amish: LA,” the gang decided that they were tired of all the drama Devon was creating, and so their best move was to kick him out. Devon was the one who framed Betsy for molesting Iva, and then allegedly slapped Betsy across the face.

Is Matt from Breaking Amish still married?

The season finale of the show ended with Shelly and Matt getting married. Unfortunately, after the show came to an end, there was no update on Matt and Shelly’s relationship.

Is Breaking Amish real or fake?

Shortly after Breaking Amish premiered, critics revealed that much of the show was fake. Jezebel called the program “nothing but lies,” noting that individuals who had claimed to have just met actually had a child together and that several cast members had left the Amish community years before filming.

Is Betsy From Breaking Amish a witch?

Apparently there was more to Betsy than even her Amish upbringing and marriage on “Breaking Amish: LA.” On the latest episode of the show, the roommates learned that Betsy practiced witchcraft. Apparently, she’s been in contact with the spirit world and “demons” for years — she even claimed to have had sex with Satan.

Is Breaking Amish real season 3?

Breaking Amish: Brave New World is considered the second season by TLC. A third season of Breaking Amish, entitled Breaking Amish: Los Angeles, debuted on July 21, 2013, with an entirely different cast….Season 3: L.A.

Cast Age Details
Devon 21 From an Amish community in Shipshewana, Indiana.