Did Anne Hathaway sing I Dreamed a Dream live?

So it’s hard to blame Anne Hathaway, who plays Fantine in the film adaptation, for feeling nervous when she had to perform “I Dreamed a Dream” for the film — especially since all of the vocals for the movie were recorded live with only a piano accompaniment coming through her earpiece.

Who sings the best version of I Dreamed A Dream?

There are two famous versions of it – one by Ruthie Hernshell, who sang it on the Tenth Anniversary Concert Recording, and another by Lea Salonga who sang it on the 25th anniversary concert.

What did Cosette sing in Les Misérables?

“A Heart Full of Love” is sung by Cosette, Marius, and Éponine, immediately following “In My Life”. 1980 Original French Version – This song is known as Le cœur au bonheur (The Heart at Happiness). Eponine’s part in the song is omitted, making the song slightly shorter.

How much weight did Hugh Jackman lose for Les Misérables?

Hathaway, who lost 25 pounds for her role of Fantine in the film, told press at a recent screening that Jackman shed a total of 30 pounds for the flick.

How old is Fantine in Les Misérables?

Fantine Female, 20s-30s. beautiful young woman; abandoned by her lover, is left to fend for herself and her daughter Cosette. She is a noble and proud character, whose life becomes a series of terrible events that rob her of her pride, character, and ultimately her life. Cosette Female, late teens-20s.

What is the original key of I Dreamed a Dream?

Title: I Dreamed a Dream
From: Les Misérables
Instruments: Voice, range: Gb3-C5 Piano Guitar
Scorings: Piano/Vocal/Guitar
Original Published Key: Eb Major

How much did Jean Valjean pay for Cosette?

1500 francs
In the end, Valjean offers 1500 francs to take Cosette, and delighted with the money, the Thénardiers hand her over without question.

Did Hugh Jackman shave his head for Les Mis?

Not only did Hugh Jackman shave his head to play slave Jean Valjean in “Les Misérables,” but he also lost weight and got super fit for the role that later earned him an Oscar nod.