Can you visit Turkish Cyprus?

So as long as you have Turkish Cypriot car insurance and your passports (IDs are acceptable for nationals of EU countries and Turkey) with you, you can enter north Cyprus (TRNC) any time.

Which part of Cyprus has the best beaches?

Best beaches in Cyprus

  1. CORAL BAY. A landscape of banana plantations and vineyards surrounds this pretty slice of white sand.
  2. NISSI BEACH. Nissi Beach might be just round the corner from nightlife hotspot Ayia Napa, but the vibe couldn’t be more different.

What is the most beautiful part of Cyprus?

Karpas Peninsula
The most beautiful region in Cyprus is the lonely and rugged Karpas Peninsula, which stretches out in a long finger of golden beaches backed by rugged hills in the northeast of the island (in north Cyprus). It’s Cyprus’ least trodden area with sublime hiking, quaint villages, and hidden historical sites in abundance.

Which is the most beautiful beach in Cyprus?

Nissi Beach
Nissi Beach Possibly the prettiest beach in Cyprus and one of the island’s major tourist attractions, Nissi Beach is a sheltered cove rimmed with soft white sand that laps shallow turquoise water. It sits three kilometers west of the resort town of Ayia Napa.

Are beaches free in Cyprus?

Cyprus has a wide variety of beaches, and everyone can find an option that is suitable for them, urban and wild, with pebbles or sand. You have only to choose from … All the beaches on the island are municipal. This means that the entrance to any beach, including hotels’ beaches, are absolutely free.

What should I not miss in Cyprus?

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  • 1 – Turtle-watching.
  • 2 – Explore the Akamas Peninsula.
  • 3 – Girne (Kyrenia)
  • 4 – Go Hiking.
  • 5 – Eat at Lemesos Restaurants.
  • 6 – Relax at Buyuk Han.
  • 7 – Painted Churches of the Troodos Mountains.
  • 8 – St Hilarion Castle.

Do they speak English in Cyprus?

The official languages of the Republic of Cyprus are Greek and Turkish….

Languages of Cyprus
Official Greek, Turkish
Vernacular Cypriot Greek, Cypriot Turkish
Minority Armenian (recognised), Cypriot Arabic (recognised), Kurbetcha (unrecognised)
Foreign English (76%) French (11%) German (5%)