Can you teach yourself AAT?

Self-studying You’ll need to buy AAT textbooks or choose a self-study package with a training provider to work through our units. You’ll still need to register with AAT, which will give you access to study support on our AAT Lifelong Learning Portal and eligibility to sit assessments.

How many hours study for AAT?

Our Academic Support team says: Study 6-8 hours per week and you’ll probably finish this final level, with exams, in 12-18 months. This is the most complex part of the course and it also has 2 elective modules to choose from, which is why it takes longer.

How can I be successful in AAT?

5 tips for successful independent study

  1. Set up a study timetable.
  2. Proactively seek help from tutors and mentors.
  3. Find additional resources.
  4. Find ways to stay motivated.
  5. Protect your study time.

Is studying AAT hard?

The AAT qualification is easier than the ACCA. The difficulty and volume of the content of the AAT exams are notably lower than the ACCA exams. Additionally, it will take most students 3+ years to complete the ACCA whilst the AAT can be completed in less as explained above.

Is AAT or university better?

If you’ve just completed your A-levels, are looking to change career, or simply want to progress in your accountancy career, AAT is an excellent alternative to higher education. In this article we look at the career benefits that an AAT qualification can give you in comparison to a university degree.

What jobs can I get with AAT Level 2?

Jobs after completing AAT Level 2 qualification:

  • Trainee Bookkeeper.
  • Accounts Administrator.
  • Accounts Clerk.
  • Trainee Finance Assistant.
  • Trainee accounts technician.

Does AAT expire?

You’ll stay at this membership level until your student membership expires. You can remain an AAT affiliate member by paying an annual affiliate membership fee until you apply for professional membership.

What jobs can you get with AAT Level 4?

7 jobs you can get with an AAT qualification

  • Accounts Assistant. Accounts Assistants support the accounting department.
  • Credit Controller. Credit Controllers help companies or individuals manage money that’s borrowed and is owed to them.
  • Bookkeeper.
  • Payroll Manager.
  • Finance Analyst.
  • Tax Manager.
  • VAT Accountant.

Can I be self employed with AAT Level 3?

Becoming a Self-Employed AAT Licensed Bookkeeper could be a great option for you and your family. Here, we guide you through one of the most direct routes to Licensed Bookkeeper status – through the AAT Level 2 and 3 bookkeeping qualifications…

Is AAT easier than ACCA?

Once you’ve completed AAT Professional Diploma (level 4) you can go on to do ACCA and become a chartered accountant. ACCA is considered a much harder qualification to achieve, but the rewards are well worth the effort. You will also be eligible for ACCA exam exemptions once AAT qualified.

Is AAT respected?

There is no “wrong” way to progress through the AAT Levels, and many people choose to work for many years before furthering their qualifications. AAT qualification is highly respected—and makes you very employable.