Can you surf at Sunset Cliffs?

This is one of best surf breaks in San Diego. The soft, fun point breaks are a beautiful place to surf, especially at dawn and sunset. This is a fun, soft, A-frame point break with a reef bottom and kelp beds a little deeper than the lineup to keep the waves clean.

Where can I surf on the ocean in San Diego?

North Coastal

  • Trestles. Trestles is a world-famous river-mouth point break at the border of San Diego and Orange Counties.
  • Oceanside.
  • Swami’s.
  • Cardiff by the Sea.
  • Del Mar.
  • Black’s Beach.
  • La Jolla Shores.
  • Windansea.

When should I surf at Sunset Cliffs?

The Cliffs produce waves during fall, winter and spring on W and NW swells, with a couple of southwesterly exceptions. There are many head-high and overhead days, but most of these spots max out before reaching eight-feet. The speed of these waves is often dictated by tide. Low to mid-tide is best.

What is the best beach to surf in San Diego?


  1. LA JOLLA WINDANSEA. La Jolla means “the jewel.” Be aware that this isn’t a surf spot for beginners.
  2. OCEANSIDE. This is an excellent place if you don’t have much surfing experience.

What time of year is best to surf in San Diego?

Generally speaking, San Diego’s best surf season is August thru November. In late summer and early fall, big, orderly south swells combine with Santa Ana winds to produce beautiful offshore walls and barrels.

How big are the waves at Sunset Cliffs?

Short period swell from the W along with long period swell from the SW is producing surf in the 3-4 ft range, with a dominant wave period of 11 seconds. As of 7:37 AM wind is moderate and cross/sideshore from the SSW (210) at 6 mph….Sunset Cliffs Weather.

Air 62° F
Sunset 7:50 PM

Where do beginners surf in San Diego?

5 Beginner Surf Spots in San Diego

  • La Jolla Shores. La Jolla is #1 on this list because you simply can’t talk about surfing in San Diego without mentioning this beach.
  • Tourmaline Beach. Tourmaline Beach sits on the border of the Pacific Beah and La Jolla districts of San Diego.
  • Pacific Beach.
  • Mission Beach.
  • Oceanside.

What beach has the biggest waves in San Diego?

Another of the most legendary surf breaks on the coast of SoCal, Blacks Beach gets a nice hit of pretty awesome winter swells that keeps it pumpin with some of the biggest waves in San Diego. It’s fed by the same submerged canyon that gives La Jolla its quality.