Can you reuse a Hövding helmet?

For safety reasons, it is not possible to reuse an inflated Hövding. Hövding shall, just as a traditional bicycle helmet, be replaced with a new one after a bicycle accident.

How does the Hövding work?

The Hövding works by way of sensors which take measurements 200 times a second to make a decision as to whether it should inflate or not. There is no danger of it going off when not in use either. To ‘arm’ the air bag, you need to close a popper button near the zip after you have put it on (see video).

How does the Hövding helmet differ from normal cycling helmets?

How Does the Hövding Helmet Differ from Normal Cycling Helmets? Hövding invented the airbag helmet. It’s unique by using airbag technology, not unlike what you’d want in a car, versus reducing the collision impact based upon a hard shell.

Is Hövding waterproof?

To dry your Hövding after riding in the rain, place it flat with the cover facing upwards and the tear seams on the top facing downwards and the zipper open. Our chassis fabric is 100% polyamide with a PU lamination that makes the material waterproof.

Is Hövding safe?

“Hovding 3 provided the best protection and scored the best test results by far concerning shock absorption as well as oblique impact mitigation,” Folksam says, according to a press release. “Compared to the worst performing helmet in our test, Hovding offers a seven times lower risk of brain injury.”

Is Hövding legal in Australia?

The current Australian law prevents the use of the Hövding as a bicycle helmet in Australia. Helmet laws have to be extended to include CE certified bicycle helmets/bicycle head protection to enable Australian cyclists to take advantage of this new invention and state of the art head protection.

What is Hövding made of?

The Hövding collar is constructed of a waterproof material, and has interchangeable fabric “shells” that allow colour customisation.

How do I check battery on Hövding?

Battery check When you press the Multifunction button (15), the Back LED (16) on the rear casing (4) will indicate the battery level. See guide for LED signals under CHARGING THE BATTERY. Low battery when cycling A recurring short beep repeated every five minutes.

How much does an inflatable helmet cost?

The Hövding 3 was announced just this month—it’s available now for $310—and along with that news, the company shared an incredible stat: 185,000 of its inflatable helmets have been sold to date, putting its back-of-napkin revenue well north of $50 million.

What do you think was the main catalyst for Haupt and Austin to design a new bicycle helmet?

Haupt and Alstin came up with the concept for their helmet while studying industrial design at Lund University in Sweden. They were inspired by survey data showing people wanted a better looking or, ideally, invisible helmet that would still keep them safe.