Can you get lost in Aokigahara?

The ground below is uneven and riddled with small caves, moss-covered roots growing on top of the dried lava that once flowed there. The soil has a high iron content which interferes with GPS and cell phone signals. This is a very easy place to get lost. Visitors are strongly encouraged to stay on the trails.

Why do people visit Aokigahara?

Although Aokigahara continues to be a pilgrimage site for dark tourists, it is much more than a dark tourist destination. It is also an area of natural beauty home of several lava caves and plenty of wildlife. Additionally, from there visitors can enjoy brilliant views of Mt. Fuji.

Can you hike Aokigahara?

Aokigahara forest’s south end is near Saiko Lake. This is a good starting point for hiking in the forest, and there is also a great information place where you can get a map and directions in English before getting started. There are several trails to choose from.

How do I get to Aokigahara forest?

You can reach the forest by train and taxi or car. Take the Chuo Line to Takao, then switch to the Chuo Main Line. At Otsuki, change to the Fuji Kyuko Line to Kawaguchiko Station. From there, it is a 30-40 minute drive depending on traffic.

Is the forest based on a true story?

While not narratively based on a true story, The Forest is set in Japan’s Aokigahara Forest, aka the “Sea of Trees” (Jukai), and has to do with the location’s association with suicide. In the movie, Dormer plays twins, one of whom is looking for the other after she disappeared in Aokigahara.

What animals live in Aokigahara forest?

There is not much data regarding the wildlife of the Aokigahara forest. Bats are known to inhabit the caves of the forests, and numerous rodent species, insects, and a variety of birds, including the Great Spotted woodpecker and Japanese Bush warbler, are also spotted in the forest.

Are there bears in aokigahara?

Rich with wildlife You may be lucky enough to catch a quick glimpse of a Japanese mink, a wild boar, or the reclusive small Japanese mole. Asian black bears are also known to prowl the area, so be wary.

How do I get to aokigahara forest?

Is there a forest in Japan?

Aokigahara (青木ヶ原, ‘Blue Tree Meadow’), also known as the Sea of Trees (樹海, Jukai), is a forest on the northwestern flank of Mount Fuji on the island of Honshu in Japan, thriving on 30 square kilometres (12 sq mi) of hardened lava laid down by the last major eruption of Mount Fuji in 864 CE.

What does aokigahara mean in English?

Is the forest a true story?