Can you call a different pocket for the 8-ball?

1 Answer. Show activity on this post. In BCA eight ball each players calls ball on pocket on each shot and each shot is considered different. The choice of pocket from the player’s previous shot has no effect on the choice of pocket for the current shot for any of the balls, including the eight ball.

How do you call a pocket in 8 ball pool?

The object of the game is to legally pocket the 8-ball in a “called” pocket, which can only be done after all of the balls from a player’s assigned group have been cleared from the table….Eight-ball.

First played 1900s (decade)
Contact No
Team members single competitors or doubles
Mixed-sex Yes

What happens if you don’t call the pocket for the 8-ball?

If you pot a ball that you did not call (called “slopping”), official rules say to leave the ball in the pocket. However, many people prefer to return the slopped ball to the footspot. One way or another, your turn is forfeited to the next player.

Can you hit the 8-ball first in a combo?

Combination shots are allowed; however, the 8-ball cannot be used as a first ball in the combination except when the table is open.

What is a slop in pool?

Billiards Forum notes that “a slop shot is a billiard shot that was not called, and that results in a ball being pocketed via luck or via fluke. Slop shots are legal when playing a slop version of various billiard games, but are illegal when playing any game in its no-slop version.

Do you have to call pockets in pool?

In Call Shot, obvious balls and pockets do not have to be indicated. It is the opponent’s right to ask which ball and pocket if he is unsure of the shot. Bank shots and combination shots are not considered obvious, and care should be taken in calling both the object ball and the intended pocket.

What does choose a pocket for your next shot mean in 8-ball?

Last pocket 8-ball rules usually say that both players can’t have the same last pocket. The first player to pick a last pocket controls it. If your opponent sinks his or her last object ball in your last pocket, you can select another last pocket for your adversary.

What is an illegal break in pool?

If the breaker does not pocket a ball and fails to drive at least 4 balls to one or more rails, it is an illegal break. In the case of an illegal break, the opponent can either accept the table as is and play from there; choose to re-rack and break; or re-rack and have the breaker go again.

Can you scratch on an 8-ball?

General rules for 8 ball The player will lose their turn if he commits a scratch. A scratch, which is a foul, means the cue was pocketed on a break. In a legal shot, the cue ball must touch the object ball first. If the object ball was not pocketed then any ball including the cue ball must touch the cushion.

Is the 8-ball ever neutral?

The 8-ball is not neutral. A player is credited with all balls he legally pockets. When a player does not pocket one of his balls but pockets an opponent’s ball, he loses his turn. The opponent gets credit for the pocketed ball.