Can I use R134a instead of R744?

R744, with negligible direct contribution to global warming can be a substitute of R134a.

Where is R 744 used?

The term R744 refers to CO2 when it is used as natural refrigerant in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

Is R744 high pressure?

R744 Hazards R744 is not flammable, but its high pressures, toxicity at high concentration, and potential for dry ice formation must be taken into account when applying and handling.

Why is R744 unlikely to be used as a refrigerant?

Its critical temperature, however, is 31.1 °C. Low critical temperature means that R744 cannot be used effectively in a convectional (subcritical) refrigeration cycle simply because the condenser will not transfer heat above the critical temperature.

What can replace R744 refrigerant?

R134a Refrigeration System
Installation: NOTE: The R744 (CO2) Refrigeration System must be replaced with an R134a Refrigeration System as part of this procedure.

Is R744 flammable?

R744 has a global warming potential (GWP) of 1 and is non-flammable.

Does R744 deplete the ozone layer?

Unfortunately when the refrigerant does ultimately leak and make its way up to the ozone layer the ultraviolet radiation breaks up the molecule releasing the highly active chlorine radicals, which help to deplete the ozone layer.

Is R744 the same as CO2?

R744 (CO2) is refrigerant grade CO2, used as a replacement for R134a and R404A in ultra-low, low, and medium temperature refrigeration applications. R744 (CO2) is becoming increasingly popular due to its excellent properties.

What is the critical temperature of R744?

31 °C
The saturation curve for R744 does not extend beyond 31 °C (88 °F) because this is the critical point.

What is r14a refrigerant?

Product Category: refrigerant. Product Details: As a low temperature refrigerant; in electronics microfabrication alone or in combination with oxygen as a plasma etchant for silicon, silicon dioxide, and silicon nitride; in high-voltage equipment production; in neutron detectors.

Is R744 an HFC?

Innovative fully integrated transcritical R744 refrigeration systems for a HFC-free future of supermarkets in warm and hot climates – ScienceDirect.

Is r744 exempt from Section 609?

Safe Disposal Requirements *Of the SNAP-approved alternatives only one refrigerant, carbon dioxide (also known as R-744 or CO2), is exempt from the venting prohibition under section 608. Although CO2 can be released to the environment under section 608, it is not exempt from the section 609 requirements below.