Can I safely delete Hiberfil sys?

So, the answer is, Yes, you can safely delete Hiberfil. sys, but only if you disable the Hibernate function in Windows 10.

How do I permanently delete Hiberfil sys?

How to Delete hiberfil. sys on Windows XP

  1. Select Start and select Control Panel.
  2. Choose Power Options to open the Power Options Properties dialog box.
  3. Select Hibernate.
  4. Select Enable Hibernation to clear the checkbox and disable Hibernation mode.
  5. Select OK to apply the change. Close the Power Options Properties box.

Can we delete Hiberfil sys and pagefile sys?

You should NOT delete this file, at least while the system is running. You can control the existence and size of the pagefile, at least in XP: System Properties->Advanced->Performance/Settings->Advanced/Change. hiberfil. sys can safely be deleted, but this will make hibernation unavailable.

What does powercfg off do?

PowerCFG is a powerful command-line utility that can be used to enable or disable hibernation in Windows 11/10. Hibernation is different from Sleep. While hibernation makes sure your state is saved even when the computer doesn’t have power, any disruption in sleep mode will result in loss of state.

Why is my Hiberfil sys so large?

If you are running out of storage and don’t want to disable hibernate feature completely in Windows 10, you may reduce its size to free up some disk space. The default size of hiberfil. sys varies depending on the amount of RAM (Random Access Memory) installed on your PC. You can reduce the hiberfil.

How do I delete a .sys file?

Deleting the file using the command prompt. 3. Using Killbox (program) to delete it but failed as well….Replies (6) 

  1. Close all applications and bring up Task Manager (CTRL-ALT-DEL)
  2. Open a Command Prompt window and navigate to C:\Windows\system32\drivers using the CD command (type CD /? for help if you need it)

Can I delete hibernation files?

You can use it on any computer or multiple computers, and it doesn’t alter your hard drive. While you can easily free space on your computer by deleting hibernation files, there are many other files that may require shredding — both for space and security reasons.

How do I delete .sys files?

1. Deleting the file using the command prompt….Replies (6) 

  1. Close all applications and bring up Task Manager (CTRL-ALT-DEL)
  2. Open a Command Prompt window and navigate to C:\Windows\system32\drivers using the CD command (type CD /? for help if you need it)

Why is Hiberfil sys so large?

Hiberfil. sys, as the name suggests, is the file to which Windows saves the snap shot data. Thus, the file is always equal in size to the total amount of available RAM on the computer (see Figure A). On a computer with plenty of free disk space having such a large file just hanging around usually isn’t a problem.

Can I delete Hiberfil sys Windows 11?

Delete the hiberfil. sys Hibernation file in Windows 11

  1. Open Windows Terminal as Administrator; right-click the Start button and select Windows Terminal (Admin) from the menu.
  2. Type powercfg -h off in either PowerShell or Command Prompt profile. Press Enter .
  3. The hiberfil. sys hibernation file is now deleted.

Does powercfg work in Windows 10?

Yes, you can control various power settings with Command Prompt, and in this guide, we’ll show you the steps to use the powercfg tool to complete many power tasks on Windows 10.

How do I turn off powercfg?


  1. Press the Windows button on the keyboard to open Start menu or Start screen.
  2. Search for cmd.
  3. When you are prompted by User Account Control, click Continue.
  4. At the command prompt, type powercfg.exe /hibernate off, and then press Enter.
  5. Type exit, and then press Enter to close the Command Prompt window.