Can I buy farmland in France?

There is a wide diversity of agricultural land available to purchase in France, from arable farms to vineyards and an abundance of biodynamic wines.

How much is farm land in France?

Between 1997 and 2016 prices raised steadily from around 3,030 euros to 6,040 euros before decreasing slightly and stagnating in recent years. Indeed, since 2017, the price of one hectare of farmland in France (excluding Corsica) remained between 5,990 and 6,000 euros.

Can foreigners buy farmland in France?

In France, they are considered national wealth and are not subject to sale to foreign citizens. The situation is quite similar in Spain. Local legislation does not forbid foreign citizens to buy land here, and they can do it on an equal footing with the country’s residents.

Is farming profitable in France?

The farming industry in France has scarcely ever been more lucrative – as the biggest producer of agricultural goods in all of Europe, the country heads a €116bn industry.

Can I be a farmer in France?

You can become a farmer in France, however, you will not have access to State financial assistance with installation, except if a bilateral agreement has been signed in this respect with your country.

Where is the best farmland in France?

At the top end of the market, the best grain-growing land fetches in excess of €25,000 per hectare. Such regions include Nord-Pas-De-Calais, Santerre, Champagne Crayeuse and Saint Quentinois, as well as certain regions in the south of France, such as Crau and the Durance Valley.

Is land expensive in France?

In the Ile de France they averaged 810m2, for an average price of €154,696….French Building Land Prices.

Region Ile-de-France
Price per m² 191
Size 810
Plot Price 154,696

What is the cost of land in France?

In terms of prices, the national average for untenanted agricultural land was €6,000/hectare, but with variations depending on use. For arable land the national average was €7,290/hectare, for mixed-crop and livestock land €5,970/hectare and for grazing land €4,670/hectare.

What is safer in France?

SAFER (Société d’aménagement foncier et d’établissement rural) is a body you will certainly come across if you are seeking to buy property in rural France. This government agency has the right of first purchase (droit de pre-emption) on a great deal of rural property that comes onto the market in France.