Can C-17 refuel in the air?

The C-17 has set 33 world records- more than any other airlifter in history! It can be refueled while in flight by the KC-135 Stratotanker! The KC-135 transfers enough fuel through the refueling boom in one minute to operate the average family car for more than a year! The maximum transfer fuel load is 200,000 pounds.

How long can a C-17 fly without refueling?

With 72.6 tons (160,000 lbs.) of cargo the C-17 can take off from a 2,133 meter (7,000 ft.) airfield, fly unrefueled for a maximum distance of 4,400 kilometers (2,400 nautical miles) and land in 900 meters (3,000 ft.) on a small unpaved or paved airfield in day or night.

How long does it take to refuel a C-17?

In normal refueling configuration two trucks (one truck each wing) being used which serves 4 pressure nozzle and takes 30 min to refuel 56,553 US gallons. So standard fueling time for this aircraft estimated about 50 min.

How many gallons of fuel does a C-17 hold?

Boeing C-17 Globemaster III Specifications

Official Designation Boeing C-17A Globemaster III
Operating Weight 276,000 pounds (125,192kg)
Fuel Capacity 181,054 pounds (28,000 gallons)
Max Payload 169,000 pounds (76,657kg)
Number of 463L Pallets 18

Can a KC 135 refuel a helicopter?

This unique asset enhances the Air Force’s capability to accomplish its primary mission of global reach. It also provides aerial refueling support to Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and allied nation aircraft.

How fast does a C-17 land?

With a payload of 164,900 pounds, the C-17 can take off from a 7,000-foot airfield, fly 2,400 nautical miles, and land on a small, austere airfield of 3,000 feet or less….

Length: 174 feet (53.04 m)
Range with Payload
160,000 pounds: 2,420 nautical miles
40,000 pounds: 5,610 nautical miles
Cruise Speed: 0.74 – 0.77 Mach

How much fuel does a C-17 burn?

about 20,000 pounds
The C-17, for example, can burn about 20,000 pounds of fuel an hour, depending on the maneuvers.

How much fuel does a C-17 use?

The C-17, for example, can burn about 20,000 pounds of fuel an hour, depending on the maneuvers.

Can Air Force One be refueled in the air?

Joseph Dunford was asked during Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on why the Pentagon decided to omit aerial refueling capability from the new Air Force One – based on the Boeing 747-8. Dunford explained to Sen. Tom Cotton that the decision was taken by the White House and not the U.S. Air Force (USAF).

How much fuel does a 747 hold?

Let’s start with a look at the most famous of jets, the Boeing 747. The Boeing website states that this model, with a gas tank capacity of 63,500 gallons, may burn five gallons of jet fuel per mile of flight. A 4,000-mile flight, then, requires 20,000 gallons of fuel.