Can anyone go to USC Village?

Whether you’re local, visiting, or part of the USC community, there’s something for everyone at USC Village. Whether you’re shopping for groceries, clothing, or anything else, we connect you to popular chains and local boutiques.

How much did USC Village cost?

$700 million
USC Village was completed in August 2017 and cost a whopping $700 million. The village has a number of retailers including Trader Joe’s, Target, and Starbucks, and is open to the public as well as students. The development is the biggest in the history of South LA.

Can you live at USC Village?

Upperclassmen who continue living in USC Housing typically live in apartment-style buildings in the USC Village and adjacent areas. Housing is not guaranteed for juniors and seniors. In general, on-campus housing prices are higher than those off-campus, but they do include many features and amenities.

Which dorms are in the USC Village?

The addition of new residential colleges in USC Village extends this experience to a large number of undergraduate upperclassmen.

  • Birnkrant Residential College.
  • Bohnett Residential College.
  • Cale Residential College.
  • Cowlings Residential College.
  • Ilium Residential College.
  • Irani Residential College.

What time does USC campus close?

University Park Campus

Gate Weekday Hours Phone
Royal Street Entrance 6am – 8pm 213.740.5589
McClintock Ave. Entrance 24 hours 213.740.5468
Downey Way Entrance 6am – 6pm ENTRANCE ONLY – EXIT CLOSED DUE TO CONSTRUCTION 213.740.5477
Jefferson Blvd. Entrance 6am – 8pm 213.740.5484

Was Harry Potter filmed at USC?

The philosophy library at USC. Apparently this is where the library scenes from Harry Potter were shot.

Can you just walk into USC?

USC offers a variety of tours to acquaint you with diverse aspects of the campus and the university. Our Admission Center Tours introduce you to campus via a guided walk, or you are welcome to explore on your own with the help of our self-guided tours.

Where do most students live in USC?

Many students choose to live on 28th and 29th streets to remain close to Greek life and other off-campus activities. Student favorites like Taco Bell, Thai by Trio, and the famous 901 Bar & Grill (affectionately known as the 9-0) can all be found on Figueroa Street which is adjacent to the Greek Row.

Do USC dorms have bathrooms?

Students stay in double-occupancy rooms, share community bathrooms, lounges, study rooms and workout areas. This format, along with the rich history of some of these buildings, makes residence halls a very popular choice. Suites can accommodate up to eight residents, with four double-occupancy rooms and two bathrooms.