Can a direct object include a prepositional phrase?

Direct Objects. A direct object is a noun or pronoun that receives the action of a verb (and can never be inside a prepositional phrase).

What is an example of object of a preposition?

An object of a preposition follows the preposition itself, and the preposition acts as the bridge between the object and whatever part of speech the prepositional phrase is modifying. Let’s demonstrate with some examples: “We heard the howling of wolves.” The noun wolves is the object of the preposition of.

What is an example of a direct object in a sentence?

Direct Objects in English (with Examples) In English grammar, a direct object is a word or phrase that receives the action of the verb. In the sentence The students eat cake, the direct object is cake; the word eat is the verb and cake is what’s being eaten.

How do you diagram a prepositional phrase as a direct object?

Knowing them will help you! Directions: Put the preposition on a slanted line under the noun that it modifies (in this case, the subject). Put the object of the preposition on a horizontal line after it. All of these prepositional phrases modify the subject of the sentence.

Can a PP be a direct object?

The pronoun is the “object” of the preposition “to,” and to him is a prepositional phrase (PP) complement, an element which is licensed by the verb but it is not a direct object.

Is a prepositional phrase an object?

A prepositional phrase is a group of words containing a preposition, a noun or pronoun object of the preposition, and any modifiers of the object. A preposition sits in front of (is “pre-positioned” before) its object.

What is the difference between direct object and object of preposition?

Object of Preposition (OP) – a noun or pronoun answering “whom” or “what” after a preposition in a a prepositional phrase. Direct Object (DO) – a noun or pronoun answering “whom” or “what” after an action verb.

What are some examples of prepositional phrases?

“On time” is the prepositional phrase. Here’s another example of a prepositional phrase at work: Mark is going out with that beautiful woman. In this example, the prepositional phrase is “with that beautiful woman.” The preposition is “with,” while the object it affects is “woman.”

What are prepositional phrases examples?

How do you find a direct object?

To check whether a direct object (D.O.) exists in a sentence, and to identify it, ask “what?” or “whom?” about the verb.

What is a prepositional phrase example sentence?

An example of a prepositional phrase is, “With a reusable tote in hand, Matthew walked to the farmer’s market.” Every prepositional phrase is a series of words consisting of a preposition and its object. In the example above, with is the preposition and reusable tote is the object.

How do you write a prepositional phrase?

A prepositional phrase starts with a preposition and ends with a noun or a pronoun. Examples of prepositional phrases are “in our house” and “between friends” and “since the war.”