Are Python alarms good?

Python is a well-known car alarm brand, but Viper is even more well-known. As a result, the Viper 5706V costs $200 and the Python 5706P costs $187. The Python is the better option for this reason. That said, having the Viper sticker on your window might be worth it for some.

How long does Viper alarm last?

The 3 minutes is good enough to catch attention to the car by who ever is nearby. A good thief will break into ur car no matter what u have for security… i heard they can leave with the lights in 30 seconds which sounds unbelievable but i believe it man!

What is the best car alarm?

Best Car Alarm Systems Reviews

  • CARLOCK – 2nd Gen Car Alarm.
  • Viper 350 PLUS 3105V Car Alarm.
  • InstallGear Car Alarm Security.
  • Scytek A15 Keyless Entry Car Alarm Security System.
  • Technaxx Car Alarm.
  • CarBest Vehicle Security.
  • Onerbuy Solar Power Simulated Car Alarm LED.
  • AUDIOVOX Prestige APS25E Car Alarm.

Who is Viper owned by?

Directed Electronics, Inc., often abbreviated DEI, is a Orlando, Florida-based producer of car security products, including Viper car alarms and accessories. It is a subsidiary of VOXX Automotive, which is owned by VOXX International.

What is the easiest car alarm to install?

Scytek A15 Keyless Entry Car Alarm Security System The whole system is easy to set up, provides you with smart features, and just requires plugging into the antennae port.

Who makes Python alarms?

Product information

Product Dimensions 6.6 x 6.5 x 6.1 inches
Included Components Product, manual
Department Car alarm
Country of Origin Taiwan

Will Viper remote work for Python?

A: Yes, Viper remotes are compatible with Python alarm systems.