Are Nordic Tugs any good?

All in all, the Nordic Tugs 44 is built for comfortable and extended cruising. It’s a sturdy, seaworthy cruiser that’s responsive for its size. And there are enough separate spaces throughout the boat for a month of easy living for a family or a couple with occasional guests.

Is Nordic Tugs still in business?

Since then, Nordic Tugs has built 800 tug yachts, ranging in size from the original 26 to a 54-footer. Husted no longer owns the business, but he has remained with the company nearly three decades and today probably is best known for having conducted sea trials for all but a handful of those 800 boats.

What is the range of a Nordic Tug?

Approximately 1900 NM
Nordic Tug 44

Overall Length Length Overall – 45′ 6″ / 13.62m (with bow roller & boarding platform)
Range Approximately 1900 NM @ 8 Knots (varies with load and cruising conditions)
Fresh Water 200 gallon/622 Liters
Black Water 45 Gallons/170 Liters
Gray Water 20 Gallons/76 Liters

What is the smallest Nordic Tug?

Nordic Tug 26
It is truly fitting that being the first and smallest in the Nordic Tugs family puts the Nordic Tug 26 at the very top of Nordic Tugs’ continued success story. Displacement: 8,500 lbs.

Can you trailer a Nordic Tug?

The 26 is a versatile little boat and due to its size, it’s actually trailerable. Nordic Tugs had an agreement with a trailer manufacturer to provide custom trailers to move the boat by land or to store it out of the water for winter.

Is a tugboat seaworthy?

Today, trawlers—and tugs, their first cousins—are still salty and seaworthy and designed for long-range cruising or living aboard, but the genre has widened considerably.

Are Ranger Tugs seaworthy?

The speed was a surprise, but the solid seaworthiness was not. Rangers come from Kent, Washington on Puget Sound where owners regularly cruise them up into British Columbia and even Alaska’s Inside Passage. They fish them, and even water-ski behind them (a concealed pylon is standard).

Where are Nordic Tug boats made?

Burlington, Washington
Nordic Tugs is highly regarded as the builder of solid and ruggedly built boats in Burlington, Washington. Besides its great reputation, Nordic Tugs is somewhat unique in that it is also the only trawler builder currently building a model for everyone.

How fast can a Nordic Tug go?

Standard power came from a 220-hp diesel, which gave the NT32 a cruising speed up to 12 knots; top speed was 15 to 16 knots, the builder says.

How much does a new Nordic Tug 26 cost?

The introductory price for the “new” 26 is $187,500.

How much is a Nordic Tug 26?

How much fuel does a tugboat use?

Modern tugs, with power ratings of 3,000 to 5,000 hp, burn large amounts of fuel when operating at full rpm — anywhere from 100 to 200 gallons per hour for a harbor tug pushing against a ship, or up to 3,000 to 5,000 gallons per day when towing a loaded barge in ocean conditions.