Are loakes worth it?

In a word, yes. The shoes Loake will class as a second or sub will normally be a shoe with a very minor mark or defect, but they have such high standards that the majority of the time you wont see anything noticeable that you would consider makes them a second.

Are loakes comfortable?

However, many Loakes are comfortable right out of the gate. That being the case, the leather linings and uppers will grow into the shape of the wearer’s foot over time for cushioning and support that just can’t be matched by lower grades of leather or synthetics.

Are loakes made in the UK?

Since 1880, Loake Shoemakers has produced some of the world’s finest footwear from our Wood Street factory in Kettering, Northamptonshire.

Are loakes handmade?

In 1880 three brothers began a tradition of fine, handmade shoemaking that five generations of the Loake family have been proud to maintain.

Are Loakes true to size?

I have a few pairs of Loakes and have always found them to be “bang on” true to size. I am generally a European size 44, US size 11, and take a UK 9.5 in Loakes. They fit like a glove. I say generally, because I also wear Cheaney and Sons shoes and in that brand I favour a size UK 10.

Are Loake a good brand?

Loake started out as a family run business making traditional English shoes, with the first factory opening back in 1880. To date, five generations and over 130 years, the brand have built a fantastic reputation with the craftsmanship of fine, handmade shoes and boots.

Are loakes made in India?

If you just want a basic, but still good-quality, Goodyear welted business shoe, our “L1” collection, which are all made in India, provides unbeatable value. In both of these factories, we only make traditional shoes by the Goodyear welted construction.

Is Loake true to size?

Are Loakes made in India?

Is Loake a designer brand?

A best selling brand here at Fields Menswear has to be Loake and we get an abundance of questions regarding this celebrated designer brand.

Who do Loake make shoes for?

Loake produced footwear for both the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force. At its peak, production was 2,500 pairs of boots per week.