Are kickboxing and MMA gloves the same?

The MMA gloves don’t have as much padding, and they are lighter. Even though punches are certainly thrown in these matches, so are kicks, and grappling happens in just about every fight. The gloves for MMA fighters need to be able to accommodate that, as well, which you will see below.

Can you use MMA gloves for kickboxing?

A common misconception is that you can just use any MMA gloves on the heavy bags, you cannot! There are serious dangers involved in using the common gloves during the heavy bag workouts, such as significant injuries to the fighter’s hands, knuckles, and wrists.

Is there a difference between boxing gloves and kickboxing gloves?

With that in mind, kickboxing gloves are designed to provide fighters with more flexibility in their hands to catch kicks – even in close quarters. Boxing gloves, on the other hand, are designed to provide extra cushioning and support to the knuckles as fighters unleash a flurry of punches onto their opponent.

Do MMA gloves protect knuckles?

MMA gloves are essential for every mixed martial artist. They protect the knuckles while the fighter dazes the opponent with punches.

Can I punch with MMA gloves?

While MMA gloves do allow you to punch harder compared to bare knuckles, they still don’t offer enough padding and wrists protection for you to throw with 100% power. So definitely control how much you put into your punches.

Can you use kickboxing gloves for Muay Thai?

Most boxing gloves will work just fine for Muay Thai. All the differences are subtle enough that you will not notice much difference if you haven’t been using different types of gloves for years.

Can I use MMA gloves for Muay Thai?

Pure MMA style gloves are designed for both striking and grappling and are inadequate protection for Muay Thai training. These 4- or 6oz gloves offer way too little padding for bag or even pad work. For Muay Thai training, you need the classic style well-padded boxing gloves of at least 8oz and above.

Which is harder boxing gloves or MMA gloves?

In MMA fights, the superficial damage is usually more, and the bloody sights make people think the glove does much more damage. But there is far more to this issue than it meets the eye. Although boxing gloves cushion the hit, they spread the force of the blow and damage the brain more.