Are Drukhari overpowered?

The data right now suggests that even if Drukhari aren’t overpowered, they’re definitely the game’s strongest faction now.

Are Dark Eldar good?

On top of their damage output, Dark Eldar are just a very points efficient list. They have a lot of low cost, high damage output units. This normally comes with the downside of not being as resilient as other lists. In the current meta however this has served them very well.

How do you beat Dark Eldar level 9?

The key to beating the Dark Eldar is to get them out of their transports and on foot. Once that happens, they are much more vulnerable and lose their mobility. While this seems to be the case for most armies, it is especially so against the DE.

What are Dark Eldar called now?

It’s true, the Eldar will now have the new name Aeldari. Robbie MacNiven was excited to comment on one users question concerning the name change in his personal blog. So much like the Imperial Guard and Astra Militarum, the Eldar, Aeldari, will carry 2 names with them from now on.

Why are Drukhari so good in 9th?

The Drukhari stratagem sheet is fantastic – it gives you tools for pretty much everything you want to do on the table, and is going to keep your models moving fast and reaping souls.

Is Drazhar a Phoenix Lord?

Drazhar is lethality personified and is believed by many Craftworld Aeldari and Drukhari to have also once been Arhra, the first Phoenix Lord of the Striking Scorpions Aspect Warriors before he was corrupted and began to walk the Path of Damnation.

Are Drukhari scourges good?

Scourges. Previously they’d been a pretty decent option to carry pretty much any of the Drukhari anti-tank weapons systems, since they were technically assault. But in the new codex they’ve shifted into being actually heavy weapons, so Scourges will almost always be suffering -1 to hit with them.

Do blades for hire Get obsession?

Since all models are KABAL OF THE BLACK HEART, and INCUBI models are discounted as per the “Blades for Hire” rule, the KABAL OF THE BLACK HEART models get to benefit from the Obsession. However, a Patrol of a KABAL OF THE BLACK HEART Archon and a CULT OF THE CURSED BLADE Wych squad.

Does Drazhar benefit from master of blades?

A vital stat for his offensive capabilities is his base S4. Combine it with a couple of key special rules and he is a master of versatility. With the Master of Blades rule and the Incubi Keyword, he benefits from +1 to Wound, hitting T4 enemies on 3+ or T8 Vehicles on 5+.